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Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 1) 111

Ask a Mom or Joe six pack which he uses Facebook more on? The answer is their phone followed by an ipad.

Better graphics, battery life, starts instantly etc. MS has to make the surface and surface laptop which has ssds, thin, boots quick, has 200 dpi, and modern chips are more power efficient.

Sorry phones are innovation. PC is mainframe and lame for the users.

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 2) 111

The faster based on specs fuel innovation is looking at it thru a 1990s glasses. PC makers don't get it.

What is innovation? Apps that do new things, smaller, power efficient, shareable work flows, cloud integrated, high dpi, more mobile, better asthetics, etc

Compared to phones pcs suck!! 100 dpi in 2015 wtf . Bulky plastic, mechanical disks, etc

Office 2016 you quote? HUGE upgrade. Shared editing in real time with integrated Skype and chat is sweet for college students and groups. You can write a paper in real time and see others writting while having a video conversation. Functions are now searchable too. Yes Google Docs ripoff. :-)

I own a surface 3 pro which slashdot tees LOVE to bash as the coming of the anti christ with systemD as it's prophet. Truth be told it is night and day compared to a bulky core laptop with battery life and boot up time thanks to ssd and efi booting. Metro actually works. Lenovo yoga, HP convertables, and surface pro rock.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 344

I use adblock.

My point was I like Slashdot for example to be paid only by ethical ads. To me I am willing to compromise and if a site is an asshole and uses 30 ad networks per page then 100% get blocked and they get no money.

My point of view is it gives sites and ad networks an economic incentive to be ethical by adblock plus allowing only ethical ads with strict criteria with the option to block all.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 344

Not necessarily true.

How adblock plus works is they need to allow acceptable use to be able to display and you can still disable that. This means no full screen ads, sounds, malware, zombie cookies you can't delete in flash, redirects, etc.

Websites still get paid only if they allow ethical ads. I am a fan of this as I do want to pay Slashdot and other sites. It is only fair that I take up their space, time, and bandwidth right?

Comment Re:Time to let it die (Score 1) 344

Sorry, adblock, time to let your product die and we will go on to a product that actually blocks ads

So then. Tell me how it feels to steal from Slashdot? After all that is what you are doing with ublock.

I want to support websites with ethical ads that do not serve malware. Adblock is perfect!
- No annoying video ads
- No sound ads
-No redirects where you have to hit somewhere else to go back to original site
- No malware or sub contracts to any other ad network which usually does not have great security teams to check for malware/viruses
- No zombie cookies in flash that can't be deleted

If Slashdot wanted to be an asshole and use the worst ads with +30 ad networks per click they would get 0 money from me on adblock.
If Slashdot wants to be ethical but raise money. Then they will get money from me on adblock.

What is fair? Hosting Slashdot is certainly not free. Want to pay a subscription instead? I think adblock is perfect and ads a financial motivation for ad networks to be ethical and stop insane tracking and not infecting people with malware for ask toolbars and compromising the security of their systems.

Come on. You can't have it both ways as all you are doing is encouraging HTML 5 ads that can't be blocked or worse HTML 6 mandated DRM ads that can't be turned off where websites on non win32 platforms won't load or something else website owners and ISP's will enforce next to maximize on money. Here is a hint. They do not care about you. Sorry.

Comment Re:Remembering what Microsoft did (Score 1) 137

Except it doesn't work well on Windows either

Written by someone about ot re-image his surface pro 3 to 8.1 and office 2013 because OneNote and Excel just worked before the downgrade to 2016. Really MS does make much better software than 15 years ago Linux users reading this. Windows 7/0ffice 2010 were it's height.

I guess it comes to show what happens when you have no QA team left and rely on agile software development and user feed back for bugs. Until a user submits a story via a frown no one knows about the bug

Well back to the old WindowsME days of skipping a release and waiting until service pack 1 before updating. Windows 10 too in my opinion just entered beta last August. I will switch to Office 2016 and WIndows 10 next year when update 1 of both come out.

It is incompetence and not malicious if their freaking own OS and products like the surface can't run VBA macros and onenote properly

Comment Re:Low rates (Score 3, Interesting) 100

You know out of curiosity I clicked on one of these sites a half decade ago expecting to laugh at H1B1 company applicants with 5 years experience in Rust and Node.js etc.

Instead found a white guy in Mexico. In Mexico?? Turns out he lives on a tropical beach and living the life :-)

No boss, sucky city, corporate stuff. Just living and soing what he wants.

My exwife got a job in Alaska during this time. OMG LOOVED it!! Ok maybe not by March after 7 months of winter :_)

But money is not everything. If I could be whatever I wanted I would happily live in Alaska for the summer and be in hiking, fishing, boating heaven and Hawaii for 45 Euro and do my own thing with less pressure then sign me up. Everyone I know who chases money becomes misserable after 3 months

People are always available for work in the past tense.