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Comment: Re:intel atom systems keep 32 bit systems around (Score 1) 129

by Billly Gates (#47904833) Attached to: Chrome For Mac Drops 32-bit Build

Then have both.

Unlike 16 bit to 32 bit it most simply is a recompile about 90% of the time unless you have assembly or something specific. My guess is the ugly Netscape API for the plugins which Chrome used to support until last year and of course Firefox is built upon this.

Newer atoms anyway are 64 bit. In the old days this would have been obsoleted in 3 years. I would have laughed at you in 2004 if you told me most things are still 32 bit 10 years from now. XP is still freaking alive too in a few places. I am just surprised what happened?

But the web unlike MS Word 2003 can't keep staying old and these things are slowed down by supporting obsolete platforms both hardware and software. Smooth scroll still does not work right in chrome because XP is so ancient and they still have to support it.

Comment: About time (Score 1) 129

by Billly Gates (#47904721) Attached to: Chrome For Mac Drops 32-bit Build

As browsers become more and more app platform engines it is essential to use cpu instructions included after the Pentium IV in this day and age. It is 2014 and 10 years is enough. XP is the sole reason 32 bit is still around.

Yes if it aint broke don't fix it became a conservative motto here with the nerds who are approaching middle age now, but the web is still evolving and HTML 5 and HTML 5.1 will include WebGL, more AJAX, and other things where a not just additional memory addresses but also cpu instructions which no one still uses can be utilized.

When will IE and Firefox jump ship next?

Comment: Re:Continuous improvements to IE for Windows 7 (Score 0) 79

by Billly Gates (#47797667) Attached to: Yahoo Stops New Development On YUI


Good luck with that. Corporate apps and products coming out TODAY require IE 8 and MS specific hacks just to run. Because of this my employer will only buy software written to run on IE 8. Not W3C.

You better plan to support IE 8 until 2019 when you are ready to switch to HTML 5 or we will buy from a competitor who will. 80% of all other large companies operate the same way so good luck.

No way we will run classic shell or Windows 8. We just upgraded to Windows 7 for crying out loud! So expect jquery to be used for years to come. Many grandmas too will continue to use XP and IE 8 as well and expect the same support we received for the last half decade.

Comment: Re:Such a Waste (Score 2, Insightful) 156

by Billly Gates (#47562609) Attached to: The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies Trailer Released

What's so horrible about The Hobbit?

LOTR all had battle scenes that took up half the movies that were too long. Songs were not included and plot from the book cut to make room for action and Hollywood.

The Hobbit has songs in it and has more of a personal story and A LOT MORE of what is in the books and material from The Silimarian. The 1st hobbit was a little long, but I liked the 2nd a lot and I loved Misty Mountains which had a nice theme to it that I found lacking in LOTR.

Comment: Re:Outsourcing Exchange is always a PLUS (Score 1) 208

If you EVER had to do destkop support 1/3 of your calls our HELP MY PST IS CORRUPT I MUST HAVE IT ALL BACK!

It is great when the average person receives over +110 emails a day with a 100 meg quota is thrilling! People at work lose them all the time when their .pst hits 18 gigs and go all the way to SVP of IT to demand that billly gates fix it because they need every email for the past 10 years. ... ok rant off.

But with the cloud quotas and .pst files are a thing of the past. At least I would want to outsource this as these users will never accept lost as an answer.

Comment: Re:Flat UI Design (Score 1) 165

by Billly Gates (#47526199) Attached to: Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

I bet Jobs would not have approved of the modern (i.e. stripped of all soul, rich textures and curves) design of ios 7. Since it's so crappy (and bright) it's bound to get pushed into all OSes.

I doubt it. Love him or hate him we all admit when it comes to asthetics and perfectionism he masters them.

He led the iPhone 1 gumdrop gorgeous icons and buttons which everyone loved and changed the smartphone world overnight. I do not see people the same way over Metro or the newer releases. I mean the competitors looked well dead and in a totally different level until Android came out.

Comment: Re:What is so wrong with Skuemorphism? (Score 2) 165

by Billly Gates (#47526151) Attached to: Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

What is soo bad that it makes people afraid of change, give headaches, cause confusion, or just makes uses apathetic to upgrade to shiny gradients, colors, shadows, animations etc?

Well I tell you one thing? I HATE BLINDING WHITE ALL CAPS office 2013. I HATE FULL SCREEN. I hate less functionality. I hate no buttons (Apple is removing all buttons in iOS 8 because it ... gulps does not have real ones). Is there anyone who hates the leather bound address book as much as we all hate Metro and flat 72 pixel fonts?

Anyone like seeing only 2 videos instead of 7 on youtube on our phones due to big fonts and flat elements?

There is a reason Skuemorphism was used. Namely ... IT WORKS. People can replicate real world objects quite efficiently and maybe just maybe the reason real world objects look, act, and function a particular way is because it was THE BEST way to use it. Nothing is wrong folks with pretty gradients and animations that are soothing to the reader. I can still read my MS word documents fine in older colorful versions of Office. No really I can really read without distraction when a distinction between element panes are visible in non-white anti skuemorphism crowd.

Proof: Look at the Iphone 1? The reason Apple won the 1st battle from MS and blackberry overnight is because they were pretty and drop dead gorgeous. Android won battle 2 but still Apple never got defeated.

If IOS looked like it did in 2007 it frankly wouldn't sell. People wanted the gum drops of Safari.

Comment: Re:Angler PC malware? (Score 1) 122

Linux users are incredibly prideful and niave and feel vulnerable and will not believe you when you claim you are infected. The perfect demographic.

Arstechnica had something a few months back on Linux malware. It is easier to infect linux users because they feel they are secure and do not run AV software and many run outdated versions because they do not like gnome 3

Comment: Re:Angler PC malware? (Score 1) 122

The problem is if you install java 6 and early java 7 it will install plugins for your browsers.

Visit a website and you are 0wned as it runs as full admin since javaw.exe runs as a freaking service with admin privledges! ... facepalm.

I think the old myth do not click on ads is 2004 knowledge. Unfortunately recent operating systems have terrible GUI's so many run older flavors like 7 and XP which do not have the same level of protections.

It pulls my hair out to see java 5 and the same users whine I AM INFECTED week after week after week because some beancounter does not want to upgrade to save $1,000 means $10,000 in lost productivity.

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