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Comment: Re:Plant? (Score 1) 274

by Billly Gates (#49750887) Attached to: How Java Changed Programming Forever

I left vbox for vmware workstation 11 back in 2012 . The version number still hasn't changed?? Whether number 5 is in beta or not is irrelevant. This is not a rant on vbox but Oracle.

Oracle doesn't give a rats ass as they want vbox to suck in comparison to their $$$$ solutions. Meanwhile vmware and hyperV are moving forward with support for later version of Windows and Linux.

Comment: Re: In the real world you leave under such conditi (Score 1) 378

by Billly Gates (#49745021) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Well the last few places are run the same. If you are not an IT company the MBAs will fight tooth and nail not to touch what works as IT employees are plumbers. A cost center where data moves through pipes. Just reality and consider myself happy to have a job. Some don't or work minimum wage trapped.

One client uses a pre sql database called pic from 1972. It won't ever be upgraded because it works and is too important to change

Java is here because that's what's in house and work's

Comment: If it aint broke dont fix it (Score 1) 378

by Billly Gates (#49742725) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Just like IE 6 it is so engrained into our business processes that it won't ever leave. At least here in the office which greatly angers web developers greatly, but operations doesn't care.

Java is around for no technical reasons. It is here because it is already here. Why change for the sake of change and .NET wasn't worth the effort in 2005 as IIS was a steamy piece of poo back then. So now no one wants to take the risk and $$$$ for something that already works. Yes we stayed on XP too until 2014 but my employer is not alone.

My post melts the brains on hipsters lucky enough to be working at .COMs in SV or still in school tinkering. Your souls havent been left yet for the real world yet

Comment: Re: heh (Score 1) 248

Really? ?

Supply & demand is most relevant in labor markets than anywhere else! Need something done with a skill no one has? The free market heavily rewards the job seeker for the investment.

Job not so essential that anyone can do like pour someone coffee? Don't expect much.

It professionals are mighty spoiled compared to other fields. My ex was a teacher and was treated like shit and needed more education and paid half of what most reading this are. That is the free market at work

Comment: Blame HR demands (Score 2) 248

When they boss around IT managers with need +10 years experience in html5 Android development the only hits are Indian recruiters saying my guys have +10 years of Android & html5 experience in Bangalore then what are you going to do?

Then HR screams raise the caps!! No qualified workers exist and pass it off to the mbas

Comment: Re: Greedy Corporation (Score 1, Flamebait) 214

Fine on an asus sabertooth z97 go disable CSM? Windows 7 will load and no keyboard or mouse and no disk. Actually Windows 7 does have efi usb2 but you can't install it.

Put CSM on and windows 8.1 slows boot time and does 1981 bios emulation for Windows 7.

It is legacy now and crusty. Not obsolete yet but with work arounds like XP had which considered SATA exotic with special drivers shows it's age. SOC silcon on a chip where it is designed to interface with firmware and not 1981 based IBM limitations are going to be more of an issue.

FYI there is hardware sold right now at Bestbuy with NO Windows 7 support. No drivers. :-(

Yes there are USB 3 drivers on cd but Windows 7 is not fully UEFI 2.3.1 compatible. WINDOWS 10 is!

6 years like the grandparent said is a long time in technology. WINDOWS XP was the exception. Never the norm and is about it except for legacy equipment

Comment: Re: And now for a real question (Score 1) 214

Microsoft has no plans to ever leave Windows 10. It is like macosx with minor annual updates. MS makes no promises but states no Windows 11 team nor plans for one unless a need arises.

This is the best of both worlds as post XP world has split comouting. One hates change and if ain't broke don't fix it etc. Other wants mobile and cloud features added.

So MS will make money by app store, azure, office 365, onedrive, and other add ons via a service model.

So I see no problems.

Comment: Re: Since when rewarding pirates is "good"? (Score 2) 214

No Hairys point is that linux lacks an abi based on theological arguments from RMS. I posted similar sentiments on neowin.net which is windows fanboy land and still saw the foaming of the mouths on how they had it all so much better than 98 the last ones these users used.

Windows Vista and later have a driver model that makes it harder to crash and be as buggy compared to XP too. Fail backs and other features.

Add forks to X with Xorg using a different config file than xfree86. SystemD replacing init scriprs and shit breaks left and right!

I quit linux in 2011 for these reasons and was already dual booting for 5 years prior until I gave up the linux obsession and 7 finally being what Windows should have been. It is 2015 and vm technology lime hyperV and virtual box are free for non server use. Linux running on them is fine enough for me on a 4 core 8 threaded system with raid ssds.

Comment: Re: Greedy Corporation (Score 0, Troll) 214

It most certainly is.

At this moment of time I am replacing a motherboard. Will Windows 7 even boot off it? NO!

No efi support or I should say limited and no I do not even mean secure boot. I am talking usb 3 which Windows 7 doesn't support. USB 2 in efi? No support or very limited. Sata in uefi mode? Nope. Exotic. Need 3rd party driver.

Windows 7 will boot if you turn on csm aka compatibility support module which trashes your boot time.

This next statement is more controversial but important for non slashdotters ... not everyone uses or wants a desktop pc. No tablet support. MS surface is gaining popularity and so are Lenovo yogas, dell venues, etc. Consumers want portability, apps, programs, and super long battery life.

6 years is a long time in technology. Things change.

Like XP before it Windows 7 is great for the hardware designed for it. Old school bios, no uefi, usb2, no 4k scaling, etc. Meanwhile as quad core atoms and future intel SC move more components into hardware and rely on firmware ala Uefi Windows 10 and later will be better.

Right now Windows 8.1 is faster on a newer build because you don't need to disable intel smart connect and turn on CSM and use 3rd party drivers that auto launch just to get Windows 7 to work at all

I will say this. I HATE the look of flat, pastel, chromeless windows, and blinding white and nursery school colors. I miss aero and I am playing with glass8 :-(

That is my only complaint but this is the new thing designers do today and that is not ms specific. Many refuse to hire anyone with a portfolio with skuemorphic design. ugh.

But I broke myself in and it's fine. I realized I just hated change because 7 was so awesome for it's. But it is 2015. If your 2010 era machine still works keep using 7. XP users held onto their clunkers for years. Everyone else will move forward

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