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Comment: Re: Blackberry (Score 1) 352

No I simply stated Windows Phone was growing .. which is true ... and it has 3 times the market share. Also true. Blackberry is dying in both marketshare and volume.

It seems you are moving the goalpost by giving a false illusion that people are leaving Windows Phone which is not the case as the explosion in growth is cheap Chinese phones in Asia with Android pre-installed.

Comment: Re: Blackberry (Score 1) 352

But I said blackberry marketshare down while Windows Phone is growing. Instead the GP got me modded down to make it look like people are actually leaving Windows Phone by that one hand picked statistic. That is not math or true.

Blackberry is declining. Windows phone is growing. Just not as fast in Asia where they all have el cheapo Chinese Androids.

Comment: Re:Define 'desktop' ... (Score 1) 352

XP was supported for a very very long time.

MY PC is built from sabertooth Asus series with solid caps, capicators, vrm, etc. Same with gtx 770 video card. It will last 10 years :-)

2020 is still quite a ways out. Windows 7 is not going anywhere. Sure Intel will try to sabatoge atom with no SOC drivers so they can cut back on support costs and keep prices low but for real systems the demand for 7, like XP, is too great to ignore.

Many of us will stick with 7 even more so than with XP during the last time. 7 is the best OS ever made PERIOD. ... besides the flat ugly icons in 10 I do not like the cortana search as I wanted to open power options in control panel and instead binged control panel ... face palm. That needs to be fixed too. But still I just end up with another 7. No reason to change. It is kind of sad as we are geeks who used to like change but I guess we have aged and operating systems have matured now.

10 seems more like a laptop oriented system with applets and power saving stuff.

Comment: Re:Define 'desktop' ... (Score 1) 352

I would mod you up if I could.

I am not a metro lover at all.

But Windows 10 is a big improvement. THe larger question is why should I leave 7? I hate the newer icons as they are all going 8 color is my only compliant so far. Give me a Windows 7 theme and I am happy as I spent my XP years with the Windows 2000 theme as I never could get used to that blue fisher price color set. It still took off.

Comment: Re:Universal apps won't take off (Score 1) 352

Have you seen the Windows 10 beta at all?

These apps run on the desktop just like win32 ones. Metro didn't take off because no one used it as they clicked on the desktop tile and stayed there. Also 8 has a small 10% ish marketshare right now. That won't stay forever as Windows 7 in just a few years will go the way of XP with EOL. You will eventually use it at work in time and so will everyone else.

If the apps exist people will use it.

Comment: Re:If it can run some win 10 apps (Score 1) 352

I agree with you that it's all about the apps. Unfortunately, Microsoft has a problem. Nobody is making apps for the phone because nobody uses Windows Phone because there are no apps for it. Universal apps aren't going to help, except for certain verticals, maybe. It's not like Windows desktop is a hotbed of development anymore (except for games). Excluding games, what's the last Windows title that was mildly interesting to the general public?

iOS and Android are all that matter and I can't see that changing in the next 3 years.

Here is the difference. Windows 8 no one really bought it besides Joe six packs whose computer just broke and he needs another.

Windows 10 will be like Windows 7 was to Vista. ... err 10.1 as Windows 7 was very rock solid and usable at this stage sadly where 10 still is pretty rough. Maybe an XP repeat :-)

Users with 8 always stayed on the desktop so no point of porting either. With 10 it is the desktop so your app will be there for your user. Windows 10 or 10.2 or whatever if I read the material correctly as 10.x = macosx.x where corporations buy the slow ring (even releases) while home users get all releases. So this means it will take 100% of all Windows marketshare eventually. Windows 7 EOL will come sooner than we think as the years go by.

In essence the situation is totally different. Your Windows Phone will run all your pc apps. It will have the full office. It will have spotify, it will sync your settings, cortana, and your Spartan web browser (finally killing IE) etc.

So I think MS might have a decent chance and it is growing but small right now.

Comment: Re:If it can run some win 10 apps (Score 1) 352

Universal apps are what might make or break Windows phone 10.

Isn't this why they forced metro on desktop users in Windows 8 so people would write "Silverlight" apps for PC that could run or trivially port to Windows phone?

Unless Microsoft allows software to be installed without clearing it first with Microsoft and allows devices to be usable without requiring a Microsoft account and constant uploading everything to Microsoft servers with no recourse or option to stop then as far as I'm concerned windows phone has no future.

They have technically a good platform but they are killing themselves in a self-defeating quest to emulate apple and shovel their cloud shit down peoples throats.

Here is the kicker. Metro are not phone apps!

Infact you would need to have one app for Windows 8, another for Windows RT, and then make another for WIndows Phone. Meanwhile you write for IOS and you get both tablet and phone. Same with Android.

So if they make a fat binary like Apple did you target all unless you have specific assembly code or calls to some old api tied to win32 or x86.

Comment: If it can run some win 10 apps (Score 3, Interesting) 352

Universal apps are what might make or break Windows phone 10.

The OS really is good. It is light, intuitive, and bug free. With no apps and a requirement for developers to write to 2 different operating systems with niche market shares hurt both.

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