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Comment: Re:First they get rid of shop (Score 1) 87

The courts typically back the schools. My exwife was a teacher and took education law class.

The problem is it costs money to prove you are innocent. Schools included spent as much money paying off bad parents and lawyers as budgets for freaking books in a given year! How is that for fair?

All to prove that the judge says, well gee the school has a right to create a learning environment based on such and such in 1934 bla bla. NEXT ... oh the lawyer bill will be $380,000 etc.

Comment: Re:Its the anti-gun agenda, seriously, read articl (Score 2) 87

Sigh do not bring politics in this.

As someone who has worked in the school district I can tell you administrators need to make up good reasons to get rid of bad teachers and this is one of them and yes lawsuits prevent both administrators and staff from doing their jobs.

If the teacher said you can use this as a weapon. Then yes that would be very bad and inappropriate. If it is used to teach expansion of gas in a chemical reaction then that is a different matter.

I guess we will find out. Administrators have a reputation of being clueless. More likely they are puppets of the lawyers of school districts and need to do things like this to get rid of a few tenured bad apples.

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So you think that schools would be better if it was easy to fire teachers who had opinions that differed from the administrations, leaving only the mindlessly obedient ones to teach the nations children how to also be mindlessly obedient?

Lets turn the tables?

Do you and I have the right to piss off management and our bosses? What makes them so special? Do we need to be mindlessly obedient at work? Yes. Do not like the door is right there etc!

Yes this sucks in life, however it is setup that way for a reason. Shit needs to get done and bosses need to discipline and control their employees to make sure things are running smoothly. If not then their jobs are on the line. Sucks worse for them than it does for us if you think about it?

There are bad employees everywhere and teachers are not any different. If a teacher can not work with staff or perform their expectations to raise the test scores and teach they need to leave. Here is another table turning. Would you want your kids to be taught by an incompetent teacher? I think not and they take our money as tax payers.

Comment: Re:Sick Society (Score 1) 87

I looked at this as the administrator was fine combing and looking for a reason to fire him/her.

It is hard to fire tenured teachers and many have resorted to doing things like complaining on their credential to professional boards as an example to find something to fire them etc.

Get rid of tenure and the problem goes away and they do not have to make up excuses. My exwife was a teacher and you wouldn't believe the crap they tried to pull to make her quit. Of course she is very opinion oriented which didn't help and caused the situation.

Comment: First they get rid of shop (Score 4, Interesting) 87

Then Chemistry labs.

Now this. Sigh.

Lets burn the lawyers offices down. Everyone is so freaking terrified of a lawsuit that nothing happens. We have to give everyone a medal for participating, not discipline kids who tell teachers to go f**ck themselves, can't teach controversial subjects requiring critical thinking skills, can't flunk them, etc.

We are not doing them any favors when they get out in the real world afraid to take risks or wonder why their boss fired them instead of giving a raise for participation?

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by Billly Gates (#46801609) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

Many loyalists who came to your country came from the south believe it or not.

  Massachusetts was not friendly to the crown because its earlier inhabitants were puritans and pilgrims who escaped the church of England from persecution. They hated the crown and were in Amsterdam and there. Maryland was catholic so it was in support of separation but not protestant like the rest of the colonies. Many in Pennsylvania too came from similar backgrounds of religious freedom and were happy to call to arms when redcoats came into their lands.

The southern colonies were filled with loyalists compared to the north and those who dealt trade and intermarried supported the separation only when the British came in and jailed relatives in the northern colonies.

The live free or die motto and government get off my back was a Yankees thing from the north. The south adopted it later during the civil war but they are a different country today with different values than the north even if not in name. But, yes the south did have an interest to rejoin the crown believe it or not and something early Canadians would have approved to curb American expansionism I would guess. Of course this point only Alaska was under contention and it was a very tiny sliver of land. British Columbia separated from Oregon quite successfully and things were well out west.

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by Billly Gates (#46801163) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

I guess it varies on whether the north was too weak to allow southern states to nullify laws or the south felt that had to nullify them because the federal government was too strong.

What is odd is the south today is solid republican and conservative and prides themselves on states rights. Oddly, they favored a strong government to enforce slavery on northern states who voted against them. Too many slaves went on the underground railroad to the northern states. But they nullified laws in a schizophrenic way claiming the constitution doesn't say no etc.

The confederation we were taught was to unite the Canadian maritime providences which were independently run with upper Canada and to make sure Quebec was under control.

But yes the south sent delegations to the UK in 1865 to join the crown again. So who knows where these solid republican states would have ended up in your neck of the woods if they won? Would they have joined Canada and made sure you guys wouldn't have healthcare :-) ? Or remained a separate common wealth? Who knows. I wish I had a time machine and could change history for fun.

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by Billly Gates (#46800971) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

THe American civil war was the opposite. The federal government was too strong for the south's liking.

  South Carolina was the first state pre-civil war to nullify a federal law in the 1830s. It spread and caught on in the south afterwards and irritated the federal government. When territories wanted to become slave ones the southerns just nullified whatever the federal government wanted. Kansas had 2 different governments as a result as the south wanted it to be a slave one and anti slavery advocates colonized it out of revenge. People were killed!

Today states run by conservatives and Tea Party activists are doing just that again. Montana, Alaska, Colorado, and now Oklahoma has nullified laws concerning guns, pot, and even blocking minimum wage laws.

Canada took after the south after seeing this as the south was about to become a monarch again to seek British support right before it ended. It was possible relations with break away southern states would be more integrated with Canada in that alternative universe if the south won.

Comment: Strangely rooting for Microsoft in 2014 (Score 1, Insightful) 186

by Billly Gates (#46800117) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

I was an anti MS zealout and linux fan boy back in 2000. Hence why I choose my name. I was trying to find a post where I rant about MS after the DOJ sided with MS where I threatened to quit IT if MS won!! etc

But today it is different. Mainly because I prefer 3 mobile players rather than 2. 2 search engines rather than 1. Yes it is still bad for competition but this hatred for Microsoft stealing and monopolizing everything is so 10 years ago.

It is like being afraid of IBM today. Weird.

Even if you Android and Linux full time a 30% marketshare for Windows Phone will ensure Google wont get too evil and incredibly lazy and wont' set W3C standards to its own version of IE6 in Chrome. Apple is pretty small outside the US and Canada. No one in China even knows about the iPhone and Android is like Windows of the 1990s in PC's over there with 95% marketshare in the smartphone market.

Many slashdotters are still mad at MS and refuse to touch a win based OS. Fine, I feel the same about Sony. However things change and any company whether it is IBM, Microsoft, or even Google can be evil. Remember when Apple was cool again a decade ago and Steve Jobs was a nice guy who could do no wrong with opensource? Gee look what happened when Apple got power? YIKES. Not so cool and hip anymore.

I think competition where no one can set the standards is what is needed. Another facebook may come along someday if it can do something people demand. Myspace was all the rage too you know. I still wonder how facebook beat myspace?

Google search ... that is heard to beat. They are too powerful and the cost of entry is too great to compete. Google though in its current state is nimble and quick to update. Once it settles down to an ugly corporate behemonth with MBA's afraid of change where cost accountants run the show it will then become vulnerable if and only if someone can make a superior product with much much limited resources.

Comment: IMPOSSIBLE (Score 4, Insightful) 212

by Billly Gates (#46791599) Attached to: California Utility May Replace IT Workers with H-1B Workers

H1B1 Visa's are only because there are not enough applicants to fill a position. Just ask any republican and they will tell you and set the facts straight in interest of protecting the workers.

It is illegal not to pay an H1B1 Visa worker less than a qualified worker. It is stated so it must be true!

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