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Comment Re:well, that's good (Score 1) 50

Contracts? Business Requirements? Customers? They aren't run by idiots like you who are too stupid to realize you are the customer and Google isn't doing this for you, its doing this for its customers.

Google loses money making this change, why SHOULD they do it, other than you think flash ads are a bad thing. (HINT: They aren't, flash ads are great because you can just not enable flash and you have no ads. You can not do that with non-flash ads, can you?)

Comment Re:The downside (Score 1) 50

. . .

Why do you think Google is doing it?

Do you think the lack of ad blocking software that works for shit with the HTML 5 tricks might have something to do with Google suddenly wanting to not allow Flash ... just a few years after they made a selling point of their browser doing flash and other browsers/mobile platforms not doing it?

Nothing Google does is 'for the people' unless you mean advertisers when you say people.

Comment Re:The downside (Score 1) 50

The downside here is that means you can't just get rid of CPU intensive ads by disabling Flash.

Like the HTML5 video tag, that was supposed to free us from evil Flash, but just brought forth the unblockable autoplaying autoloading multimegabyte video ad, this isn't as great a piece of news as it might seem...

Guess I got to stick with obsolete IE. With corporate IE I do not have to worry about HTML 5 support :-)

But seriously why can't an adblocker block it? They can do domain checks on hte video links for cross site or not execute them if they are run from a javascript. Yes this will block fine content working today but it can be done.

Comment Re:The germ theory of disease is settled, too. (Score 1) 382

Actually, that's what we need to be spending our money on and we don't seem to be doing that at all in the "climate science" area. The propaganda machine has been whining that the sky is falling. Once you embrace that, it's simply time to move on. You move on how to fix the problem or survive it.

Chicken Little becomes irrelevant the moment that people start listening to him.

There's some well regarded English figurehead of some sort that's basically been saying this for a long time now. "OK, we're fucked. Now what?"

We have graduated from the "yeah, germs do exist" phase of this particular calamity.

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 1) 134

They didn't, the fastest P4 Xeon outperformed the fastest Athlons, but for any given Athlon the equivalent speed P4 was a lot more expensive. Once the Opterons came out, that changed: if you wanted the fastest x86 chip you could buy, you bought from AMD, especially in multi-socket configurations (quad-processor Opterons wiped the floor with memory-starved quad Xeons until Intel integrated the memory controller on die). Worse (for Intel), if you were willing to recompile your code you could get another 20+% out of the Opterons using the x86-64 ISA (more GPRs and cheaper PIC made a big difference, and a floating point ABI that used SSE exclusively and not x87 could give you a 100% speedup in float-heavy code, where even if the x86-32 compiler was using SSE registers for compute it was still losing performance moving them to and from the x87 register stack for function calls / returns).

Comment Re:File a grievance with who? (Score 1) 207


What will your kids being doing with that business degree? It will be a lousy $15/hr job living with you as you can't survive on that being an assistant manager at the local grocery store.

IT pays more than anything. Face it times have changed. In the old days a bachelors degree meant senior level management jobs making 70k fresh out of school when adjusted for inflation. Today a business or economics degree means being a secretary or answering phones at a real estate office somewhere oh the boss wanted his decafee with Soy Latte. Get it right next time ok?

I am just now a tech who does some AD work because some idiot on Slashdot 10 years ago said to not major in IT. DUH! My buddies who did are rich and own homes and I am in a crappy studio apartment but am happy as I make more in my office sadly except for the directory and 3 managers.

Name one profession that is not being killed by H 1B1 visas and automation? Factory workers? Accountants? HR? Accounting or book keeping is GONE. It has been replaced by quickbooks and Excel macros with some Indians doing the finance part. HR is done by Taleo now. The website picks candidates so HR doesn't have to (yes I know it was designed for this but money talks man).

Really there is nothing we can do but adapt and IT is the best place to be as not everyone can do some of the jobs we do. Most people with simple basic intelligence can do 85% of the rest of the white collar jobs. So why should they pay more for an American or human to do them? $15/hr is the best you can get which is minimium wage historically for college grads

Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 144

A cracked copy is always going to more be useful. A player that does things it's not allowed to, is always going to be more useful than one that does not. The so-called copy-protection schemes don't do any thing of the sort and never did. All they do is reduce the usefulness of "legitimate paid for copies".

Even if you actually did pay for it, it's still more useful to strip the DRM yourself or have someone else do it for you.

That's even assuming that the work in question is being made available.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 144

> 1: Satellite is hack-proof, and hasn't been compromised.
> 2: The latest HDCP handshake has been the bane of pirates everywhere.
> 3: Blu-Ray (BD+ actually) has yet to be cracked.

I think these three are just wrong.

I decrypt BDs all the time myself. The other two also have well known cracks that are often discussed in forums more specialized than this one.

Or were you attempting sarcasm...

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 144

> Old music outsells new music because there's more of it.

The new shiny shiny should be able to outsell the back catalog regardless. The new shiny shiny is getting all of the marketing support. The fact that the back catalog is selling better than the new stuff is still pathetic, even if it's only in the aggregate.

Comment Re:Depends on your data (Score 1) 171

No. You cannot get a 1TB SSD for a "decent price" in any form factor.

People seem to be forgetting that this is the consumer market where people would rather "eat dirt" so long as it's a bargain. This is the same market that favored the command line over the GUI based on cost.

Based on price, a 1TB SSD is an enthusiast item only. Even that's pushing things.

Whereas multi-TB spinning rust comes in multiple form factors that truly does qualify as "decently priced".

Comment Re:Flash won already (Score -1, Troll) 171

A mere 256G isn't even going to hold Linux + Games.

Once you start getting into AAA titles and the accumulation of same over time, 256G just isn't going to cut it for the "Windows + Games" use case.

Even phones have managed to catch up to that level of storage.

I find it amusing that someone thinks that Windows can manage with so little. With various sorts of "artistic" assets only growing larger and larger, even the rubes are likely to accumulate stuff even if they aren't trying.

Comment Re:Wake me up when there's a patch (Score 1) 134

> So you want to go back to shell scripts? A system in the style of your father's CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT is what you want?

That presupposes that a DOS batch file is anything like a Unix shell script. All you've really done is demonstrate how utterly clueless you are about either of the things you're whining about.

People who have no clue, should be in no position to force anyone else to "abandon the past". They simply aren't qualified to judge. This is the fundemental problem with the SystemD crowd. They are idiots distracted by shiny objects.

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 3, Informative) 134

The Thunderbird was nice, but it was more of a price/performance winner than overall performance. A 1GHz Thunderbird ran stable at 1.3GHz and was similar performance to a 2GHz Pentium 4 at a fraction of the cost (particularly as the P4 required RAMBUS DRAM, so you could stick twice as much DDR in Athlon for the same money). It wasn't until the Opteron that AMD really started winning on performance. The integrated DRAM controller was a big win and being first to 64 bits (which, on x86, means more GPRs, sane floating point ISA, and PC-relative addressing) gave them a huge advantage. Unfortunately, they haven't really been competitive since the Core 2, except in market segments where Intel intentionally cripples their offerings (e.g. no more than 2 SATA ports on the Atom Mini-ITX boards to avoid competition with the i3 boards, making AMD the only viable option).

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