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Lets say you have a laptop that is on one network and goes to sleep when you close it and arrives in a hotel room on another network? How would you do this with init without some serious hacks?

init doesn't control the network, and it never has. it only starts the network. you use a network managing daemon to handle rejoining previously-seen access points and the like.

The problem is you have each thing doing checks all the time every 30 seconds and ugly scripts to do this. Especially if you want to do more than 1 thing from an event.

Init does processes, states aka runlevels, and other things. Not just loads the OS in a unix autoexec.bat. So wouldn't the logical way to do this would be to use something like Solaris version of system control manager (I think it is the name) to load this from an XML file? You just state what do for each thing and the system runs on its own with minimal configuration or complexity and maximum performance. SystemD may or may not be good. A lot of people fear change and I do not mean this as an insult. I think people do not see a benefit they do not want to learn something new which is why people obsess over the ancient XP and refuse to change. Unbelievable with that ..

Anyway yes init controls processes and threads and states so it makes sense it would do this correct? Unless you want each daemon and component to do its own checking and not integrate with each other?? This is the mess Linux does now.

Apple, Ubuntu, and Sun ditched init for that reason and why we have tons of inet alternatives. Something needs to change.

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But the system management would need to probe. Now imagine every app in the Linux distro doing the same thing. See a problem?

According to the wikipedia entry Init does more than just act as autoexec.bat and monitors processes and exhorts to runlevels for things like X mode or stay in a console.

In my world it makes sense that the OS knows what is going on in real time. It is debatable if the init processor should be the one to manage this but seems most logical. Read the part on the bottom and the replacements?

No need to get mad or personally at me. I am just stating init is not perfect. I have seen ugly init scripts that try to mimic a lot. The idea is quite powerful and kind of like the idea of servers that react differently to conditions such as a high load, hack attack, or one of the nics going down etc. If you program the events the init replacement can take care of a lot of stuff where you do not have to have scripts and other daemons which are designed to work with 1 app try to interact with several to do what you want.

System management is init as it launches the processes so it seems logical and it doesn't have to be ugly or complex. You simple state the event and what you want to happen next ala NGIX has over apache httpd files. SystemD in its current form does have issues from what I read even if it is not a good implementation but I am no expert.

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Then why did Apple get rid of init years ago?

With a mac (I am not a mac fan but illustrating a point) you open it up and it connects automatically. Also it would give error DNS messages in Chrome or Firefox which would confuse the non technical user who would blame the IT guy or Linux etc. The event based init replacement sees the event and knew to auto connect. Init is designed for a 1985 stationary unix server with maybe 30 or so utilities and 1 or 2 apps. Not for something we have today.

Init is the complexity part to deal with its limitations. But it is popular to bash it here so moderators ignore what I have to say. I guess Sun, Ubuntu, and Apple were wrong on why they all ditched init.

Even driven daemons are what is behind NGIX and why it beats Apache in terms of simplicity and performance. Windows also is async event based too in the startup of its services.

I am not saying SystemD is good. I am saying init is not god like XP RULEZ by the folks used to things a certain why.

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Init is not async nor event driven nor designed with the complexities of a modern distro.

Lets say you have a laptop that is on one network and goes to sleep when you close it and arrives in a hotel room on another network? How would you do this with init without some serious hacks?

With event driven processes like upstart or Apple's or Sun's you can accomplish this. You can also do things based on events like what if a hack intrusion is detected? SystemD or any event driven daemon can change config files and do other things on the fly without doing manual scripts for checks.

Running programs in the forms of bash scripts is an ugly hack compared to BSD systems in /etc where you just uncomment lines. Init should not be a tangled mess so no it is not perfect nor worked fine for decades. It never was good. Just familiar.

I am not saying SystemD is Good. I want to emphasize that. But everyone else is switching to event driven daemons for this. I will probably be modded down as this is Slashdot but we will see as what I say is no longer popular. SystemD was not hated here until a few months ago.

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It's sad that in the world of open/free software somebody can still be bullied out of their job by a bunch of people who, for whatever reason, don't like what they do.

So many people don't understand, the whole point of Open/Free software is that you can fork the source if somebody takes it in a direction you do not like, you don't pay for it and you do not get to dictate what the authors do with it but you are free to make it your own if you choose to. However some people have this entitlement complex whereby they think they can dictate the direction of somebody elses work, it's sad that these vitriolic people have not been put in their place. They do not contribute and they simply want something for nothing, that is not the way of free software.

It is great that you are staying on at Debian to continue your work there, it is terrible that you have been forced into that decision though and it does not bode well for the future of open source and free software.

Happens in the real world too. I have already been demoted at my job and am ready to be fired tomorrow and I am considering resigning. FYI I have positive work kudus from my fans at work and was a hero before moving to a new site.

I got blamed for things out of my control and my inferior who just got promoted over me got credit for me fixing them and the view was it was all my fault when 20% of stations didn't even have freaking Ethernet!

When it comes to a man's reputation bullies can certainly ruin your image. Perception is everything and if you are in an unpopular project your reputation is harmed from the beginning.

I feel for the fellow if he is reading this and know what he is going through. You can rebuild your reputation elsewhere and resigning rather than being kicked out is the right thing as it would be even more embarrassing thanks to some asshats. Show what you are made of and at least you are free from the stress and tyranny of politics.

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by Billly Gates (#48396927) Attached to: Visual Studio 2015 Supports CLANG and Android (Emulator Included)


I hated MS and created this ANTI MS ID because DOS and Windows were truly horrible in the 1990s. Why use an OS that limits itself with 640k of ram when my 486 has 8 megs and do hacks like memmaker with extended vs expanded ram to make up for deficiencies of an OS that was called quick and dirty 15 freaking years ealier??

Windows added more fragility to the mix on top of that core. I was scared IE which was great was a ploy to stop innovation once Netscaoe couldn't compete and it would turn into an old crappy proprietary browser.

I read my posts from 2002 where I threaten to leave computers since DOJ sided with Microsoft!!

Fastforward today

I use IE now typing this (hell would have froze if I caught myself reading this post back in 2001). It is standards compliant and I have no fear of a monopoly. MS makes free stuff for starving artists and is progressive with price structure as you make more income.

MS Windows is really good and I dare say less buggy than Android. Windows 7 is rock solid and just works. Visual studio supports standards.

I myself am older and pragmatic and realize no one gives a shit about desktop computers or ideals! They want a job done and will I do it and get paid or will they hire someone else? Sadly Linux is part of this unless you run some specific apps on a server. The business need is more important and I like getting paid more than I did back then so it is a win win. Also being in the enterprise and seeing the tears and pain of migrating from XP to Windows 7 (who would have thought people would use a freaking 11 year old OS back in 2001??) I see why MS had to not make Windows great. It's annoying business customers will go elsewhere if they made Windows good as their apps would break. It was them and not MS who held the platform back in those days.

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I just installed it for the first time and I see no .PHP or .HTML or HTML5 support in the base nor plugins with the community edition? I am not a troll but I do not see how IntelliJ is better unless you are a android or java user.

I have the express editions of VS which have some javascript support but the lack of .php is annoying.

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I just imaged my computer and installed express before reading this. Sigh ...

If it is anything like previous versions it means another re-image as I remember I couldn't fully uninstall the learning editions or express of products as they leave .dlls everywhere unless things change.

I will stick with the express editions until I see a reason to change as my weekend is half over. I do web stuff so I do not need anything advanced unless the web edition has more features in the pro? It seams express just has gimped c++ profiling and team support which I do not use.

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Or I am thinking perhaps they realized they lost?

I submitted the story but I realize back in the 1980's the same was said of IBM. They gave up when they lost to Microsoft. Today they are fairly open about their standards. DB2 is still proprietary but they have opened a lot of stuff and they charge a ton for consulting and enterprise level stuff.

MS is going the same route is my guess.

Folks I think Google is who we should fear next. Chrome has a lot of -webkit and -blink specific stuff in CSS not in HTML 5. I am not a pro MS troll at all but use to be an anti MS zealot many moons ago but changed.

Either way MS makes lots of software some bad but some really good. Visual Studio is a good one. Windows and IE which are the worst are improving. Office is ok with Excel being great and Outlook being crappy. No different than any other large software company.

"Those who will be able to conquer software will be able to conquer the world." -- Tadahiro Sekimoto, president, NEC Corp.