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Comment: Re: Open source code is open for everyone (Score 2) 119

by Billly Gates (#48917809) Attached to: Serious Network Function Vulnerability Found In Glibc

"You people"?

Gee a little insecure are we? News flash software is software and has bugs. It doesn't matter which license it is under. It still is software and no being from Microsoft doesn't make it insecure by default anymore than being GNU makes it more secure.

Yes Apple, Google, and Microsoft are mentioned here when a serious flaw is discovered. Why should Linux or anything GNU get a free pass?

Comment: Re:Three-month-old Continuum screenshot (Score 1) 361

by Billly Gates (#48910459) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

I do not know if I can adjust hairy. I love Aero and the familiarity of Windows 7. I know XP users hate 7 because they too like the feel and know where everything is at for the last decade so why change?

What I worry about is can I still do instantsearch or will Cortana pop up and Bing power options instead of just opening power options to set my sleep mode? I hated this with 8 with a passion.

I need my aero too. Windows 7 is exactly what I tried to do with Vista via hacks like VistaGlaze with all the colors. I want customization. After 8.1 I am afraid of change.

I am downloading 10 as an upgrade on the 7 box I am using now but I have a feeling by tomorrow night I will be putting 7 back on. 8.1 had a tendency to crash on youtube regardless if the video card was an ATI or Nvidia.

Comment: Re:But does it matter any more? (Score 2) 141

Agreed. Thanks to virtualization I can still run Linux or FreeBSD as a VM.

I tend to use turnkey Linux these days as these are appliances I just turn on and I have a modified HOST file with the IP addresses of my VMs from VMware Workstation.

Windows as a host is stable, has office, Visual Studio, adobe photoshop, and of course my video games and cloud storage tools.

Comment: Re:Windows 10 (Score 1) 132

Wow buy a new one if the old one works just fine and is better (no cell phone on the desktop)?

True as a gamer an old system is pretty useless unless you run older games from that era in which it came from.

XP is still insanely popular and I will bet you money in 2020 when Windows 7 goes EOL XP will still have marketshare of active computer users. Small but still significant to be counted. It works and users like it because it is familiar to them.

I still see no reason to leave Windows 7. I just wonder what it will break now? Windows 8.1 BSOD on both an ATI and NVidia cards in youtube which I find very strange. No problem at all in Windows 7. DirectX 12 adds more complexity of things it can fuck up.

Oh and my Asus board probably won't have drivers as it is in their financial interests for me to throw it all away and buy another one right? I had a room mate who stayed on XP for a long long time as he thought Windows 7 was a buggy POS. It always BSOD because Dell wanted him to throw it away and buy a new one rather than release a driver that went thru QA?

Just my gripe.

Comment: Re: DirectX is obsolete (Score 0) 132

Wow right back in 2001 again.

John Carmack conceded directx 9 is superior. I can't think of a single game today that uses opengl. Why is that?

You must live in alternative universe as developers prefer to develop for consoles first with direct x then back port it to pc if piracy concerns are not to bad.

Comment: Discussion is outdated (Score 5, Insightful) 478

by Billly Gates (#48899527) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

In 2015 we choose languages on rich sets of apis. Java for example is almost universally hated for it's syntax yet is insanely popular. Why? 150,000 methods to choose from and frameworks galore.

No one cares about features as its not 1982 anymore where you write your own libraries. Today you have a task and a tight deadline and there is no time to program. Only time to grab a framework can tinker with it.

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works.