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Comment: Not a big impact on labor... (Score 1) 669

I think automation of order taking will be great for McDonalds and its employees. The only job being affected is the cashier and even kiosk order wouldn't put that job in jeopardy. Most of the labor at McDonalds is food preparation and cleaning. Kiosks will not be able to perform those functions.

What will happen is the cashier can now focus on preparing the order and delivering them while the line is moving faster because people will be able to place their order quicker at a kiosk.

I stopped by a McDonalds during lunch the other day and they only had two cashiers working a very long line. There were delays because the cashiers are the same people who fix the coffee, assemble the order, and hand it to the customer. If that McDonalds had a kiosk, I probably wouldn't have waited in line for 20 minutes and they would still have those two employees assembling the order and handing them to the customer.

Comment: Re:Read speed limit signs (Score 0) 283

by Bill_the_Engineer (#48110539) Attached to: Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

Reminds me of the old joke:

Cop pulls over a tesla going too slow. The nun, who was driving, explained to the cop that the tesla was malfunctioning and misinterpreted the I-30 sign as the speed limit. When he notices two horrified nuns sitting in the back seats, the driver explained that they just pulled off of I-369.

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