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Comment: Re:Read speed limit signs (Score 0) 283

by Bill_the_Engineer (#48110539) Attached to: Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

Reminds me of the old joke:

Cop pulls over a tesla going too slow. The nun, who was driving, explained to the cop that the tesla was malfunctioning and misinterpreted the I-30 sign as the speed limit. When he notices two horrified nuns sitting in the back seats, the driver explained that they just pulled off of I-369.

Comment: Re:metric you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 403

I don't understand your problem since looking at the MPG method, I can tell:
1) that the 28 MPG car will go an extra 10 miles per gallon used than the 18 MPG car (an extra 55.6% distance)
2) that the 50 MPG car will go an extra 16 miles per gallon used than the 34 MPG car (an extra 47.1% distance)
3) the percentage saved is higher for the 18 to 28 MPG car than the 34 to 50 MPG.

Knowing the greater percentage gained doesn't add any value to me as a consumer, since with the MPG method I can easily tell that I will go farther with the 50 MPG car than 18 MPG car using the same amount of fuel. Assuming the average fuel tank size for passenger cars is around 15 gallons, I can estimate that the 50 MPH car will go an extra 240 miles on a tank when compared to the 34 MPG car.

Comment: Re:Guns are not the problem (Score 1) 651

by Bill_the_Engineer (#48041473) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

When you do the proper comparison, you find that easy access to guns lowers the mortality rate.

No such evidence exists since you can't prove a negative. This is why pro-gun people assume guns are a crime deterrent and try to back up the claims with faulty statistics like taking pieces of the Harvard paper you linked out of context despite there being a section of the paper that alludes to the following:

Let me introduce a single statistic - intentional homicide. The rate of intentional homicide is greater in the US (4.7) than Greece (1.7), Norway (2.2), India (3.5), United Kingdom (1.0), Australia (1.1), France (1.0), Israel (1.8), and Canada (1.6). I purposely chose these specific countries because they are either similar in cultural makeup or have just as much social-economic pressures that were mention in your single paper. If guns were an effective deterrent to crime and in particular homicide then the US, which values the right to bear arms second only to freedom of speech and religion and has the largest percentage of gun ownership for self defense (as mentioned by the Harvard paper), should be lower than the other similar countries.

Also I find it interesting that some states (Florida in particular) are banning doctors from asking about gun ownership even in cases of spousal abuse. If data would prove the pro-gun lobby's argument then why do they legislate barriers for collecting the data?

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by Bill_the_Engineer (#47998569) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

The dealer will buy a car at auction for $2000, then offer it for sale for $5000 but you HAVE to finance it through them. They will NOT let you pay cash.

I doubt that is true for most of these dealers. I knew someone in the "low end" used car profession and you'd be hard pressed to find a more unpleasant person. He owned a Ford F-250 with a pneumatic lift used to tow cars. He bragged about how he could sell the same car to three different people by simply waiting for them to not be able to make a payment and simply go reprocess the car and put it back on the lot. All at a profit. The only problem being is that this took time and a lot of work which is only offset by volume.

I purchased a Honda Accord from him that he recently purchased at auction. I was able to buy it from him at a price well below Kelly Black Book. I accomplish this because I had cash, was stubborn, and figured that while he could probably finance some cars during the week it was rare someone could give him a nice profit with little work. Profit that he could use in short order at the next automobile auction.

I figured the worst thing that could happen was that he would say no. If that would have happen then I would have simply taken my cash elsewhere.

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