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Journal: familiar faces from film and TV in commercials

Journal by Bill Dog

I was shocked when Laurence Fishburne first showed up in those Capitol One commercials. He was so great in Pulp Fiction and the Matrix, I thought, oh no, is his career over already? And now Jennifer Garner (no doubt the daughter of Jim Rockford) is shilling for the same.

The creepiest is Matthew McConaughey driving around at night in a butt-ugly Lincoln SUV softly waxing sweet philosophical nothings to us.

Comment: Re:I would say... (Score 1) 25

by Bill Dog (#47780827) Attached to: VDH is an academic, so I guess that makes him an 'expert', or something

It looks like anyone running for any office of significance who's not on board with America's comeuppance will simply be legally badgered out of trying to be a part of any leadership.

p.s. I hereby dub such people "candidacy trolls", after one of the Left's fun, go-to phrases that I have to see all the time in the tech news, "patent trolls". And I ascribe to it what I envision are the same kinds of connotations; stifling innovation, abuse of the system, bottom-dwelling.

Comment: I would say... (Score 1) 25

by Bill Dog (#47772233) Attached to: VDH is an academic, so I guess that makes him an 'expert', or something

> Obama is a symptom, not the disease ...that Obama (and ilk, of course) are indeed the disease, and America's ailments are the symptoms.

And no doubt America was unhinged, war-weary and esp. after the supposed almost financial collapse, when we elected BHO in 2008, but TFAuthor conveniently omits BHO's flabbergasting (even to BHO) 2012 re-election. The problem is, like people my age and younger no longer expecting Social Security to be there when we're old, even though there's been no official pronouncement of such, I'll bet it's a widespread belief. Similarly I think is the belief that America today is the new normal. So the problem is, we probably won't ever go back to being hinged. How can we, when we as a nation hold BHO and Democrats and the Left blameless for America's woes.

Comment: Re:Actually I think this ability is extraordinary (Score 1) 5

by Bill Dog (#47772169) Attached to: one of my mental problems

> out of every job change for the past three years.

I guess you're saying you do contract work. It takes me longer than the average person to learn a new business domain and system and code base and libraries and frameworks used, so I don't think 6-12 month jobs is for me. I don't start to pass others until after a couple of years.

> once you've had 16+ years in the industry

I'm under assumption that hurts me instead of helps (so I hide it by following conventional wisdom and only showing the last 10 years on my resume/limiting it to two pages). But maybe that's only true for full-time positions.

Comment: "center of mass" (Score 1) 4

by Bill Dog (#47754873) Attached to: Aiming, Trigger Control, and Ferguson

Not strictly on topic but I think it was your link to a video by an anesthesiologist that had me questioning what I assumed "center of mass" to be.

My sister hired some ex-military guy for personalized gun training and was taught ("get a 9mm" and) a "one in the head, two in the chest" thing. But from what that doc said, and that slide that showed the major artery systems of the human body, it looked like you want to shoot below the rib cage.

(And of course the other takeaway was that handguns suck as far as lethality.)

Comment: Re:Actually I think this ability is extraordinary (Score 1) 5

by Bill Dog (#47754841) Attached to: one of my mental problems

Unfortunately I think getting hired and doing well on "performance" reviews is mostly about how "normal" or un extra-normal one can appear. It seems to be mostly about social maturity now.

As if the non-technical managers who thought to hire the most brilliant and/or skilled people they could, even if they were a bit quirky, have all died off, and now they only consider "doing well" to be skilled at holding ones own in the office politics game.

(Because you'd never be a good manager if you can't play that game. And we should all aspire to be managers, because that's the more advanced level position. I'll get another "your hire has been a disappointment" sized raise next year, because I show no interest in that. And that means I'm not "engaged"/I'm a slacker. If I'm not jockeying for position via shrewd planning and clever brown-nosing, then I'm not really trying hard enough at work, in a PHB's eyes.)

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Journal: one of my mental problems 5

Journal by Bill Dog

Yes, that was plural. One other is that I'm deeply misanthropic. No, not like the Leftie kind. I'm totally with the Left on the belief that people can't be trusted to make the right decisions. But my religion (which is a reference point to my politics, and not one in the same), or my God, commands me to love and forgive others for their failings [if only I could apply that to myself!], and to recognize that despite being highly flawed, my species (i.e. not realy about race, or gender, or othe

Comment: Re:nope, and what's really sad (Score 1) 6

by Bill Dog (#47740777) Attached to: The Struggle for Stupidity

Unless someone is going on to become higher educated for engineering or something like that, its level is pointless for the daily life of the modern American citizen. I had to take a year of the stuff for my BSCS and in 18 years as a professional programmer I've needed to use any of it exactly zero times.

K-12 should focus on skills for life. In high screwl I had geometry, then algebra 2, then trig (and something called math analysis). I'd say even as a programmer most of what I use is probably algebra 1. Most of what was taught had no utility to most kids. Topics with any application to normal life should be plucked from all three and combined into a series of applied math courses.

For example teach kids about things like interest and amortization and compounding. Lots of real-world examples on those instead of esoteria. For Joe Sixpack, crap like learning the quadratic formula is useless, but how to save for the future and not get into credit card debt is... priceless.

Comment: nope, and what's really sad (Score 1) 6

by Bill Dog (#47739639) Attached to: The Struggle for Stupidity

Completely disagree with Bill there. Literature is completely lost on children, and is a big waste of their time. Like things like economics, it should be higher education only, and just prepare the yutes with the three R's so they can function in society. And I would say teach critical thinking, so they can protect themselves from being ripped off (in the various ways; i.e. not just financially).

What's sad is that college is wasted on the youth. Like I suspect the vast majority of college grads in the last few generations at least, it was to just get through it. People complain that college is now viewed as vocational training but I don't think it's even that. I think it's predominantly viewed as just to get that piece of paper, that so many jobs (often unnecessarily) require.

But now that I'm more grown-up (okay, only slightly, since college), I could totally see myself in retirement (voluntary or involuntary, however it turns out), when I actually have the time to pursue such things, taking the time to read the great works of literature et al. That is, the time to truly consider all that flowery language and ponder it. But while we have busy lives, most of us just won't feel like we have the time for giving ourself a truly higher education.

Comment: stupid font (Score 1) 3

by Bill Dog (#47645377) Attached to: greatest spamming of /. evar

Those should look like:

by jelIomizer (3670957) Alter Relationship on Sunday August 10, 2014 @04:12PM (#47644097) 12

by jeIlomizer (3670951) Alter Relationship on Sunday August 10, 2014 @04:16PM (#47644113)

And one more thing: Both accounts have several freaks, but those could all be recent. But the #57 account has 3 fans. I'm guessing from whatever was the ultra-PC post that earned the +5 achievement. So I'd guess the spammer didn't post a lot between the pursuit of that one bit of cred and the ultimate dirty deed. Maybe all it takes is to get one +5 post and then a new account moves into a status where it can post like mad?

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