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Comment: stupid font (Score 1) 3

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Those should look like:

by jelIomizer (3670957) Alter Relationship on Sunday August 10, 2014 @04:12PM (#47644097) 12

by jeIlomizer (3670951) Alter Relationship on Sunday August 10, 2014 @04:16PM (#47644113)

And one more thing: Both accounts have several freaks, but those could all be recent. But the #57 account has 3 fans. I'm guessing from whatever was the ultra-PC post that earned the +5 achievement. So I'd guess the spammer didn't post a lot between the pursuit of that one bit of cred and the ultimate dirty deed. Maybe all it takes is to get one +5 post and then a new account moves into a status where it can post like mad?

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Journal: greatest spamming of /. evar 3

Journal by Bill Dog

by jelIomizer (3670957) Alter Relationship on Sunday August 10, 2014 @04:10PM (#47644037)
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by Bill Dog (#47639687) Attached to: Guess I'm an Evil League of Evil sympathizer

> Progress is the fruit

I hadn't taken it that far in my head at the time, but now that you have for me, yes. Progressivism is the promise of a perfect society, created by man. It includes the evolution of man, by man, into perfect beings. It's secular humanism taken to the extent of a religion.

I believe that things can be improved, but only to make them less sucky/to a certain extent. Progressivism is belief that we (i.e. man) can always make things better, that we should and can progress towards a man-made utopia. That it's not futility after some point due to our fallen nature.

Adam and Eve had the good life, but fell for the lie that God is wrong and that it could be even better for them. That through their actions, they could surpass the level goodness of what our loving God sets up for us.

Man should know his limitations, and remain humble (without being fatalistic about our time in this condition). Progressivism preaches no limits (within the physical world).

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by Bill Dog (#47639573) Attached to: Let's snort the Drano, shall we?

Don't continue to stay hung up on the power thing because that's what you see emphasized on the Left, currently, in America. Sure, Lefties believe there needs to be a small ruling contingent, with absolute power, to keep the system in an equilibrium of "fairness". But they're only bent on acquiring as much power as possible, any way they can, for now, in this country, because they see the inequities as so great and that there's so far to go/so much to overcome to get this evil nation to a state of "fairness". I.e. tactics and philosophy are different things, and pursuits can have phases.

Comment: Re:Have to be read, first (Score 1) 30

by Bill Dog (#47639531) Attached to: Guess I'm an Evil League of Evil sympathizer

I remain unconvinced that a Kingdom of God, Hold the God, as the AC puts it in the other reply, can succeed.

Good, because I firmly believe that's what we're supposed to learn. We got ourselves kicked out of the Garden because we thought we knew better than God, so God said fine, try it your way for a while. So He left us temporarily wandering through the desert (i.e. what post-Fall human existence is), to give us time to think about what we've done, and to come to the realization that, ultimately, we need God and can't manage on our own successfully.

So I would say don't despair too much about the temporal, as really it's supposed to be this way, because it's our doing. And would you expect it to be any other way, knowing mankind (and its spiritual temptor)?

So we should do what we can here (e.g. the American experiment was an awesome try, as a lesser evil form of human organization), but ultimately we have to wait until He leads us out of the desert and brings us home. Then we shall have our perfect society, because it will be ruled by an omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent dictator. And like the founding of the U.S., the idea of using technology to take man out of the equation in certain things is an entirely worthy pursuit, because it can help, but it will never take us all the way there.

p.s. I liked your "Common parlance leads to common thinking, and is not fit for uncommon human beings."

Comment: prolly not anti-individual, per se (Score 1) 9

by Bill Dog (#47639225) Attached to: Let's snort the Drano, shall we?

I don't think Leftists would have a problem with everyone in the world being rich (assuming technology that protected their false idol, the Creation), *AS LONG AS* they were all about equally rich. (And exhibited due deference to a strong, centralized governmental authority.)

Liberty is evil not because it allows people to fail, but that it allows some to succeed while others fail. It allows inequity in "the system". Better that everyone succeeds or fails together. (Which is why "the equal distribution of misery", the necessary end result of Leftism, is nonetheless also considered a valid, moral outcome.)

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by Bill Dog (#47639057) Attached to: E-Visits To the Doctor To Top 75 Million In the US, Canada This Year

> You won't really be seeing a doctor (or nurse) on the screen. Just an avatar and a script.

Dr. Watson I presume?

If smart watches take off, these could be your kits. Last I heard the rumor mills have Apple coming out with one next month, with "more than 10 sensors" (not all of them necessarily being biometric ones, granted), and MS with one with 11 sensors the following month. Especially with the fanatic following that Apple has (in devices), if they can make the smartwatch "cool", then smartphone makers who are seeing sales stagnate due to no more new compelling features can sell a few generations of smartwatches with progressively more and advanced sensors reading more of one's vitals.

Comment: Re:So, it might provide minor savings (Score 2) 35

by Bill Dog (#47638961) Attached to: E-Visits To the Doctor To Top 75 Million In the US, Canada This Year

Every phone call will start with:

"This call is being monitored for legal purposes."

<two minutes of legal disclaimers, regarding the lesser reliability of diagnosing over the phone>

"Do you consent to all of these terms? Press 1 for yes, or hang up for no."

And OTOH, the cost savings could be overcome by more demands on the healthcare system from people more willing to make a phone call on the spot than an appointment for a office visit for who knows how long into the future. What I usually do is wait and see if <mysterious symptom> goes away on its own in a few days. But in the back of my mind, I know I can't get in to see a doctor immediately (excluding going to urgent care, which from experience can soak up half your day, first with waiting around an hour or two to be seen, then time for test results to come back, while the doctore you're assigned is multitasking between a bunch of other visitors). So with the phone call option, I'd probably call every time. Even for the same price, and up to half an hour wait (put it on speakerphone), if I actually get to be heard by an MD.

(And this way, maybe many of the folks who got medical degrees and wanted to practice medicine, but could only get a job working for an insurance company evaluating diagnoses and claims, might be able to get into tele-practice at least.)

Comment: Re:My $0.02... (Score 1) 33

by Bill Dog (#47620731) Attached to: it boggles the mind

I'm not trying to be a contrarian to everything you're saying, but...

Actually that second video impressed me the most. A human torso is only so deep, and I think I just as soon have a large pattern like that, and that stays embedded in the attacker. Minimal exit wounds to me means maximal force of the blast absorbed by the attacker's body, and minimal chance of drywall penetration into other rooms (or neighbors' units).

And I'm pretty hesitant to assign much meaning to ballistics gel videos, beyond the cool fireworks and lavalamp-like visual aspects. As implored in the old video game Doom when you pick up the chainsaw weapon: Find some meat!. Here's one, of lowly birdshot making a hamburger wound in a mock assailant.

Granted that's at only 10', but my intended defense chokepoint, the long part of my staircase, is 12' from upper to lower landing, which is right around the same as this vid's 24" muzzle plus 10' distance from the muzzle. You might have a bigger house, and no neighbors, so YMMV.

Now what if the attacker is superman on PCP, you might wonder. If a shotgun can hold four shots, I probably do have four shots since each would probably blast the guy back down the stairs after each charge up them. I suppose for the first I'd aim for the stomach, the next one in the genitals, and the one after that in the face. And then maybe your slug as the fourth. And then planning on spending the rest of my life in prison, I guess. Except I'd rather die than be in prison, so I guess I'd just let him get me then, at that point.

Maybe the fourth your 00 buckshot, to one of his knees. After all that he won't be able to walk or see, so I should be able to get away.

But more realistically, to the ordinary intruder (and potentially partner(s) in crime), the kerchunk will cause him(/them) to not even want to think about going upstairs, if it means hazarding close-range shotgun blasts in a narrow corridor with nowhere to go or hide.

Now if bad guy(s) is armed and decides to shoot through the floor at my estimated location... Install steel plating under the drywall of the corner I'd shoot around, and under the carpet where I'd stand? (This home warfare thing is crazy.)

Comment: Re:sci fi too, huh (Score 1) 30

by Bill Dog (#47605127) Attached to: Guess I'm an Evil League of Evil sympathizer

It's not about power, it's about morality. For politicians it's partially about power, but they are less than 1% of us. For the average Slashdotter for example, it's not about ruling you and me just to rule us, it's about achieving certain outcomes.

Eve didn't tempt Adam with the apple because she wanted to herd him. She was duped. Lefties know not what they do, or who they serve. They and propagators of other types of anti-wisdom are merely the instruments through which the dedicated tormentor of mankind operates. They're not interested in multiplying misery in the world; they cling, through faith, to the idea that their ideas (not really their own ideas though) will genuinely improve things. Because, afterall, this is all there is to them, so they seek their sense of redemption in trying to perfect this world, in vain.

Comment: sci fi too, huh (Score 1) 30

by Bill Dog (#47597037) Attached to: Guess I'm an Evil League of Evil sympathizer

I learned a new word a couple of months ago, coming across it believe it or not in a Wikipedia article, in a section on the early life of Julian Assange: agitprop. Your vocabulary level is lofty so I don't assume your not knowing it, but as a summary for anyone else, it's basically the long-known practice of insertion of communist values and messages and urgings (ergo "propaganda" and "agitation") into art and entertainment and other things.

This so-called intellectual dead headism will never "have gone on" (until all of this world has passed away), because it's what can more aptly be described, vice upside-down pentagrams and whatnot, as Satanism; that is, the infliction of misery on man and the spiritually-driven compulsion to do so. Anti-wisdom, if you will (which to me is also what sin is).

With the exception of a few highly notable social issues, public policy does not have a large overlap with morality, strictly speaking, for the Right for the most part. But for those who don't believe in the existence of either the master we serve or the one they do, politics and morality and one in the same. Leftism is a major world religion with billions of followers, and will not die out any more than the others will. (In fact, it has the advantage, by dispensing with traditional trappings like showing up mostly on Sunday mornings and sitting in long wooden benches, of giving the appearance of being the most "modern".)

And even if the white Liberal establishment that now p0wns most of this country's major institutions were to eventually die out, they are replenishing the country with idealogical heirs from Central and South America, who, like the Black community in this country, have fallen for, for generations and generations, the promises of a better life from free stuff with Leftism.

Comment: Re:Change for the sake of change (Score 1) 240

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This is done so they can pretend to be looking for workers, when in fact they are trying NOT to hire anyone so they can meet the government's requirements and employ more lower paid H1B visa workers. There are actually HR seminars about how NOT to hire people while still complying with the requirements of looking for work.

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