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Comment: Re:Might read the whole thing yourself (Score 1) 16 16

The pope's not supposed to be an offender of God, tho. Elevating the creation (as just one example) detracts from giving *all* of the glory to the Creator. (I'm pretty sure "thou shalt have no other gods before Me" includes "thou shalt have no other gods alongside Me", even lesser ones.)

I have reverence for God, and nothing else shares/competes with my reverence. Not even a Bible. I have reverence for the words, but not any given printed version of them. It's just a paper and bindings. Placing one's hand on a Bible and swearing to anything, is stupid. Same with the American flag. Go ahead and burn it; it's just fabric.

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Journal: Catholics have jumped the shark 16 16

I'm not Catholic, but even if I was:

1) I do not recognize this ball of mud in space as "our Sister, Mother Earth". How long before Catholics, who already come dangerously close to or cross the line into worshipping false idols, refer to it as "the Blessed Holy Mother Earth"? Water is blessed to make "holy water", so when will dirt be? Say three Hail Gaia's and you're absolved of your sins against "her"? I'm envisioning a creepy earth cult a la the movie Avatar. Stop the madness.

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

Profit is not an evil, having a financial keeper is, because of what it does to you. Like your Pope, you talk of things that are just all Leftism (AKA paganism, a subset of Satanism) to me. Exploitation of resources and development does not hurt the poor, it helps them. And the earth is not my sister.

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

The War on Poverty was towards a different kind of revolt; an incremental one versus one big glorious overthrow. Encourage people to give up hope in the American Dream, in capitalism, and in self-reliance, and to instead get comfortable with reliance on government and redistribution schemes. (I.e. get them comfortable with the ideas of socialism, without calling it by name.)

Get over 50% of the households signed up for some sort of redistribution program and the battle's probably all over except for the shouting. The Left got the people to participate in a (gradual) revolt against what is the American system, without them even knowing it.

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

If you're suggesting that Republicans don't really care about abortion because they haven't tried to just end it all, in case you hadn't noticed, the country is becoming even more hostile to socially Conservative issues.

So what do you do, pick your battles to stay alive to provide some resistance to the Leftward collapse of America, or go for an all-or-nothing fight and risk finishing off the party and its voice?

Comment: Re:I support PBS (Score 1) 8 8

Thank you for the link; it was interesting. I'm okay with business bankruptcy (vice personal), especially Ch. 11 (reorganization), in comparison to closing up shop via Ch. 7 (liquidation). Investors are voluntarily risking their money, and people who start and try to grow business ventures are taking risks, and most people probably have heard that most businesses fail.

If he never succeeded, then I certainly wouldn't consider him a good businessman and wouldn't even be considering him for prez. But among non-politician businesspeople in the race, I think it's only him and Carly Fiorina, and I don't think she was successful at HP.

Comment: Re:Dude, this is so easy (Score 1) 32 32

"The Lefties don't actually care about unions!"

Preposterous poppycock. Traditionally they've wanted the working class to revolt against the ownership class and overthrow the (capitalist) system. Even if most of them today have transferred most of their hopes from that to the devolve-the-system-in-place/incrementalism/death-by-a-thousand-cuts tactic, sustaining that division in people's minds and antagonism between the two serves to oppose and destroy capitalistic success and gets people used to non-merit based organization (in the worship of equality).

"The only thing the Lefties care about is power."

More happy thoughts. They are not so innocent as you make them out to be. If they only cared about power, they would be something like Saddam Hussein; as long as he had his golden palaces, and could fuck over anyone he didn't like, he was content with the status quo in the society. Instead, Lefties are like Islamists, wanting to establish a full-blown, world-wide commie Caliphate. Satan has multiple false religions going on. One appeals to Mideastern culture and mindset, another to Western enlighteneds'.

Comment: Re:I support PBS (Score 1) 8 8

"In an election you have to go for the one you dislike the least overall, not the one you love for one particular question."

I think I'll be doing exactly the latter this next time. I think I'll vote for Donald Trump, because I think a lack of an economic recovery this time means the end of the U.S. as I've known it. So I really don't care about where the candidates stand on social issues, or foreign policy. Because the American Dream is almost dead (and even worse, almost forgotten).

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Journal: solidarity vs. feeling like you need a shower 32 32

My dad made an interesting point in the car on the way to lunch today. He wondered how my bro-in-law's folks, who are dedicated Liberals, could buy Toyotas, when they don't use union labor.

It's a bit of a conundrum. If you're a Leftie, you have disdain for anything American. Yet the Japanese automakers dodge unions like Wal*mart.

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Journal: you dirty girl 8 8

Driving home from work Thu night I was at a stoplight behind a minivan with a PBS supporter license plate frame. The minivan had a large rear window, and I could see part of the taller SUV in front of it, with a Ron Paul for president sticker! I'll bet the minivan driver was road-raging in there!

"Everyone is entitled to an *informed* opinion." -- Harlan Ellison