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Journal: I guess that's where we are

Journal by Bill Dog

So I'm waiting in the Wendy's drive-thru after work tonight, and there's an ad on the radio I guess from the BSA. It said software piracy is not only wrong, it's illegal.

Doesn't "not only x, but also y" mean "as if x wasn't bad enough, there's also y"? When you use that rhetorical structure, aren't you going in increasing badness about something? Saving the worst for last, for the most dramatic effect and hopefully to seal the persuasion deal?

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Journal: x is bad for x? (Continuation) 3

Journal by Bill Dog

Rights are distributive (with our Freedom of Association).

A x C + B x C = (A + B) x C

A = me
B = you
C = the right of Free Speech, in this example

Us speaking together is the same as you and I speaking separately, as far as the government should be concerned. To remove the C factor from the rhs, is to also remove it from the left.

Comment: Re:Would've never thought there could be worse tha (Score 1) 17

by Bill Dog (#48461313) Attached to: Ferguson

The time of the announcement was given before the announcement, so Barack could've given that speech ahead of the rioting and looting.

But intelligence and good sense are not always coincident. (See also the Obamacare rollout in general and in particular, AKA a once-in-a-generation opportunity to show the American public that government can tackle large problems successfully. That he blew, because he short-sightedly lost interest after the legislation was passed, content that we'd been started down the road to socialized medicine, when, if he'd thought about it, could've set up the country for even more tolerance and acceptance of government involvement in our lives and the Left's ideas. Yes, even a Nobel Prize winning, highly intelligent man can be stupid enough not to maximize his movement's position.)

Comment: Would've never thought there could be worse than.. (Score 1) 17

by Bill Dog (#48460425) Attached to: Ferguson

..the peanut farmer (and I don't mean George Washington Carver, who AFAIK was a great man). BHO says things like we've made strides in race relations (in the last few decades), and the economy is better now than when he took office. Except polling pegs race relations in America as overall worse under his presidency, and under his we've had the worst economic recovery in 70 years. And we've lost ground against organized radical Islamic power (the level of it) and communist expansion and probably nuclear proliferation. Obama's been a failure in foreign policy, and in both social and economic domestic policy. Too bad our historic first Black president was an America-loathing disengaged leader whose lone talent he brought to the job was his finely-honed lying ability.

I interpreted his press conference a little differently, in that I think his controlled lividness was *at* the unruly mob. Specifically for all the gunshots being reported on the news and the imagery of the buildings/peoples' businesses being burned/destroyed. I think he sincerely believes that that's about the last way you get concessions on special privileges for racial minorities. (Yet it was deemed worth the gamble to stoke the fire and risk this kind of setback, in what seemed like a fool's errand attempt to retain power in the Senate.) So I saw him as disappointed with the Black community as they've, by some accounts, grown to be with him.

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Journal: x is bad for x? 8

Journal by Bill Dog

I saw on another tech news site the following:

"Despite the obvious corrupting effects of money in political campaigns, ..."

Huh? That's saying "despite the obvious corrupting effect of political speech on political speech, ..."

How is that obviously corrupting? Is grass roots organizing corrupting campaigns too? Do debates corrupt them as well?

Comment: too funny (Score 1) 24

by Bill Dog (#48408603) Attached to: To The Little Untergruber

I'm still cracking up at that cactus! :) I guess that's International Sign (or maybe, since the Obamacare joke's on us, Sigh) Language for "you've just been Grubered!".

But seriously, I don't know why people are painting Jonathan Gruber as being some kind of Hans Gruber -like super bad-guy. What he expressed is just part of the core set of beliefs of the Left in America. FNC is so happy to go along with the Left in keeping the people dumb, all they seemed to focus on was how insulting it was, and I didn't see a minute (not that I watch for very many) about how there might some (or rather a lot) of truth to what he was saying.

If Fox News really was Right-wing, they would've treated this as the potential break-through moment that it was, to awaken the oblivious third of Americans who think it's safe (for America) to vote Democrat just because they're a major party, and that Liberals are the good guys. But Fox News is a business, and their game is partisan bickering, and they'd rather people not learn and outgrow that. And the Left is just fine with that. (Because their news outlets certainly aren't about succeeding as businesses, so where the advantage lies is clear.)

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Journal: it's a good time for TV (part 3 of 3) 1

Journal by Bill Dog

p.s. on part 1: So on FU Garage earlier in the week they located and haggled over and bought a 1970 Torino 429 Cobra Jet, of which they said not a whole lot were made. (And with an engine that size, would be highly desirable.) They had no project car to work on at the time, so the wrench monkeys were idle. And the possibly head partner guy flipped it for only $2500 profit. WhyTF not fix it all up and sell it for a $25K profit?!?

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Comment: Re:Better support than they have for Web? (Score 1) 192

by Bill Dog (#48396011) Attached to: Visual Studio 2015 Supports CLANG and Android (Emulator Included)

Have you used ASP.NET MVC? Because if you're not using the HTML helpers (which among other things create tags for you), you're doing it wrong. Tags are matched, but you get some line breaks in weird places that make the generated HTML not as neat as I prefer. And the checkbox helper emits two controls instead of one, so that the model binding magic works.

Comment: What's the big deal? (Score 1) 33

by Bill Dog (#48364081) Attached to: Does Being Honest About A River Of Lies Count As Integrity?

This is simply a core, fundamental belief in modern American Leftism. They'd moved on from trying to convince the working classes to join them in overthrowing the system, to being convinced (and this part they're right about) that people are too stupid to make the right decisions for themselves and therefore they need to fool them into letting them gradually, fundamentally transform the system. Communism has simply adapted and evolved, to what works and what doesn't. (Because what works is the *only* thing it's all about, because in that (man-made) morality system, the virtues of the dreamt about outcomes far outweigh sacrificing truth, and human dignity (for greater, collective outcomes).)

This stuff just isn't even shocking anymore. I guess rather you post things like this just to tweak your two Leftie besties/tormentors back. Integrity is like infidelism; it's just one group's axis of morality that's not even recognized as being one to the other.

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