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Comment: Re:Uh ... it's still carbon neutral, isn't it? (Score 0) 74

It's taking a lot of the carbon from the soil instead of the air... so no. Also, consider all the gasoline used to plant/harvest/transport it. Ethanol is a corn-state boondoggle. It drives up corn prices and brings in massive revenue to the midwest. Ethanol support is critical for any politician that wants to win in states like Iowa. When you hear a 60yr old farmer start talking about "green energy" you know he grows corn.

But the vast majority of the carbon in corn comes from the air, not the soil! It might surprise you to learn that most of the bulk of a huge tree, for example, was produced from the air, not the ground. The ground supplies trace minerals and water, and little else.

Another real problem with ethanol is that it is a low energy density fuel, compared to gasoline. So beyond a certain small percentage, it actually reduces the efficiency of your vehicle and causes it to burn MORE gasoline per mile, rather than less, which negates the advantages of using ethanol in the first place.

Comment: Re:oh, sorry (Score 1) 76

by sumdumass (#46803525) Attached to: Preventative Treatment For Heartbleed On

You might as well just give it up. All you arr doing id regurgitsting the same yhing differrnt ways. You think it is fine that i am compelled to lose my money and freedom for the financial security of some third party because you might use that third party and it might cost you slightly more if i didn't.

I believe that is a crock of crap and that just like anything else in a free country, you arent penalized and lose your freedom until you actuslly do something wrong. I doubt i will ever agree your concept is good.

Comment: Re:Unregulatable! (Score 0) 153

No it's not. Just require people who own a 3d printer to have a license for it. If you don't have a license, you go to jail. Simple.

In the U.S. this is not a viable model. SCOTUS has ruled, more than once, that a practice may not be outlawed simply because it can be abused, as long as it also has legitimate uses. Anything else is a form of "prior restraint".

People may argue: yes, but automobiles are licensed. While that is true, if you look at similar laws you will find that automobiles are very much the exception, and in fact State ability to "license" their use is still an open Constitutional question. Not only are other machines not licensed as vehicles are, it is generally accepted that they are not legally licensable the way vehicles are.

It might be illegal for me to make and sell a rifle with my milling machine. That does not mean that my milling machine is illegal. (And, in fact, making a rifle for my own use is not illegal. Selling it across state lines is. In some states I could probably even legally sell it, as long as it remained within the state.)

Comment: Re:Its the anti-gun agenda, seriously, read articl (Score 1) 155

by ShakaUVM (#46803217) Attached to: L.A. Science Teacher Suspended Over Student Science Fair Projects

> Things that look or function remotely similarly to a gun are not to be tolerated. If you let kids shoot marshmallows at stacked plastic cups they might have fun, take pride in their mastery of ballistic trajectories, and you never know where that might lead ... nerf ... airsoft ... a .22.

Clearly it is the result of too many people watching Ghostbusters in the 80s.

We need to ban dangerous marshmellow-based violence from our television and movie-screens.

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Wait. Did you just admit that he's being targeted improperly because he is the union rep . . . and then say that if we got rid of tenure and let them fire whoever they want for whatever reason it wouldn't be a problem anymore?

I sure did.

This guy prevented bad teachers from being fired. I know call the lawyers bla bla. But if he is the problem why LA school districts are failing he needs to have some leighway and let the administrators do the write ups and terminations. Yes some is political. Welcome to work. Most though needs to be documented and finished.

Walmart does this all the time to keep prices low.

The American Teachers Association needs to go back to it's roots to advance the career just like the state bar does with lawyers. Does the bar protect bad unethical lawyers? No they take away their bar license. The American Teachers Association needs to be de-certifying the bad apples and helping them succeed. Helping as in getting training needed and setting up licenses for professional teachers. Not protecting them.

Comment: Re:Texas needs water, not oil (Score 1) 179

by ShakaUVM (#46802703) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

>Why can't we have a pipeline that brings fresh water, instead of oil? That would be a lot more helpful. We've been a serious drought for years, and there's no sign it will let up.

You can. Coal slurry is shipped by pipeline, and then at the destination is separated into coal and pure water.

My dad is working on building a coal slurry pipeline from Montana to Baja California, building power plants there to sell cheap power to California, and using the water to build golf courses to get tourists to come.

Comment: Re:Ug... (Score 1) 179

by ShakaUVM (#46802669) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

>Keystone is at best a waste for America and at worst a natural disaster waiting to happen

Not having Keystone is a natural disaster that IS happening.

You think all that tar sand oil *isn't* flowing to Texas refineries right now? Try booking a rail ticket these days - our highways and rail lines are clogged to the brim with all the oil we're transporting south out of Canada, and it sure as shit isn't as safe as a pipeline.

In December, there was a rail oil spill that dumped 400 fucking thousand gallons of crude oil in North Dakota. It exploded, and sent a mushroom cloud of fire and toxic chemicals into the sky, causing a nearby town to be evacuated.

You think this is an isolated event? They're happening an average of ONE PER MONTH. There were three crude oil train derailments in January alone. The Lac-Megantic derailment killed 42 people from an oil train derailment and explosion.

You think these accidents are not damaging the environment? Bwahaha. Right. The Lac-Megantic forced the closure of drinking water sources for townships that still hasn't been cleaned up.

And that's not even getting into the trucking accidents.

You're an idiot if you want to keep the status quo. Pipelines are not perfect, but they are FAR, FAR safer than shipping crude oil by train and truck.

Comment: Re:Sick Society (Score 0) 155

by sumdumass (#46802639) Attached to: L.A. Science Teacher Suspended Over Student Science Fair Projects

No, it is anti gun just as i said it. There are people who think the second amendment to thr constituton is out of touch and knowing they cannot muster enough suppot to amend the constitution, they are activly subverting it. This is one of those attemps and ypu can see other posts in this thread that illistrate that.

You see, unlike magnets, guns cannot easily be banned because of that very old document- as long as people ate not afraid of guns. As soon as they are, they tend to side with getting rid of those scary things. So even though guns are made for kids and the government cannot ban them, they can place age restrictions on purchasing them.

This is about guns- not science.

Comment: Re:"beofuels from corn" is not just stupid (Score 3, Insightful) 74

by ShakaUVM (#46802619) Attached to: Biofuels From Corn Can Create More Greenhouse Gases Than Gasoline

>It is brain-dead stupid!

Only from a science perspective.

Supporting corn ethanol is how candidates win primaries, so it makes perfect sense for our presidents to support it.

>But from Corn? It is so stupid, it does not even deserve a proper adjective. It is even stupid to waste time making "studies" on it.

If we're going to eliminate corn ethanol (which we should), it will require putting pressure on politicians from non-corn belt states. And to do so will require studies like these.

Corn ethanol isn't good for the environment, and it drives food prices through the roof, both domestically and abroad.

I highly recommend reading The Economics of Food for anyone interested in the subject.

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