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Comment Re:BIZX is destroying Slashdot!!! (Score 1) 1310

You are saying all the right things, I left over dice ownership. I couldn't take it anymore. Well, I'll keep my eye on slash and contribute in comments as things come up. I have no idea on how you expect slashdot to make much dinero, but good luck to you. It seems like you have the best of intentions.

Comment Re:I wish McCain would retire (Score 1) 242

Wait, so you think if they lower the price of tickets to the stadium, they'll get *more* money from tv contracts?

Or did you not follow the thread? Maybe you thought I was suggusting that I knew the precise finacials of all NFL teams, and forsaw that a drop in ticket revenue would send them all into red ink? Because that would be really dumb. They'd make less money than they do today, if they lowered the ticket price. That's what this argument was about. The vast majoirty of teams sell out ever game at current prices. It makes no finacial sense for them to lower the prices. Tickets on Stub Hub go for 2 - 3 times face value.

Comment Re:Reverse discrimination is still discrimination (Score 1) 280

Sure it is. Not buying Team A's apparel, and always buying Team B's is discrimination.

Also, have you followed politics lately? People self identify with the "team" regardless of the actual policies. Just like you might always like Team B, regardless of the players or tactics used.

Comment Re:Reverse discrimination is still discrimination (Score 1) 280

Some forms are illegal. Some are not.

There is nothing prohibiting this:

Bus driver: "Everyone must sit on the back"

Guy wearing RedHot Chili Peppers shirt:"Then why is the guy with a phish shirt sitting in the front?"

Bus driver: "We simply don't enforce it on phish heads."

  Or this

Bus driver: "Everyone must sit on the back"

Young healthy guy:"Then why is the old woman with a broken leg sitting in the front?"

Bus driver: "We simply don't enforce it on old women with broken legs"

Comment Re:Funny, however.. (Score 1) 171

I think you missed my point entirely. At some point, artists need to be fairly compensated for their work. Just giving them "exposure" doesn't pay their rent. For many artists, the "exposure" of piracy costs them more than it gives them in any revenue stream.

I also find it pretty darn funny that you're using the example of 1 artist that sold 5 cds based off of youtube.

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