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Comment: Re:Don't they have an fiber to the node cable netw (Score 1) 229

When we lived in Maryland in 2006, we had one of the earlier FIOS installations. The 'outside box' had three cables going into the house: Cat3 (or something like that) for phone, Cat5 for data and coax for TV. I think they've gone through a few generations of equipment since then, but I'd consider our configuration true FTTH.

Comment: Re:Musk is a scam artist (Score 2) 188

by BiggerBadderBen (#42028629) Attached to: Ariane 5 Has No Chance, Says Elon Musk
While PayPal may have evolved into a ripoff, when it first came out it was a godsend. Remember paying for things on eBay using money orders? Musk then turned his attention to big, serious engineering challenges that nobody else had the vision or cojones to tackle. Which is much more than can be said for you, Anonymous Coward.

Comment: Re:broadcom soc (Score 0) 181

by BiggerBadderBen (#38953495) Attached to: First Run of Raspberry Pi Boards To Be Completed Feb 20th
I've worked with a lot of chip companies over the years, and Broadcom is one of the worst when it comes to availability of collateral like datasheets and programmer manuals. To have access to anything beyond a marketing summary requires an NDA, and even then you only have access to a tiny list of things through one of the worst portals you've ever seen. As you've noted, there quite often isn't anything remarkable, but for some reason they feel it's important to lock it down. Contrast with a company like Freescale that makes all of their SoC datasheets available to anyone with a browser.

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth. -- Nero Wolfe