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Comment What's The Problem? (Score 1) 319

I still need Internet Access. I killed HD TV and all extended channels a couple of years ago and increased my bandwidth. Most recently I turned in the TV box itself and stuck with the tiny descrambler. I'm still charged about $100 a month for access to the 'net. I could go to $300 a month for fiber but I'm not really using the extra bandwidth I have now.


Comment Re:How many applications will THIS break? (Score 1) 272

Yea, that's my concern as well. Similar problems. I have a Sony Handycam that only works with XP. It works just fine on its own, records without a problem but I can't download the video. Same with an HP Scanner. HP doesn't write drivers for it. It works fine on my XP box but not on Windows 7.

I have Rocksmith and all the downloadable content for it. I don't want to move to 10 only to find out the game doesn't work as well or doesn't work at all.


Comment Re:Why are we even discussing this again? (Score 1) 213

I could probably locate the file or at least use man to figure out how to set the minimum password length. It's not something I do often so I don't have it memorized. And with RH7, it's probably under loginctl. Heck, a quick search on my RH6 box and I can't find where to set the minimum password length. Probably under pam.d.

Permissions is bog simple though, I'd have a problem with someone not knowing that.

For older systems (RH6 or older) it's easy enough, /etc/inittab. I'd have to do a man on systemctl or search the net for how to do that in RH7.

And I'm currently studying for my RHCSA/RHCE exams that I'm taking next month :)


Comment Re:Computers as lawyers (Score 1) 116

Sure, mine is amicable. My ex was heading off into super hippy land and hypochondria had her trying all sorts of remedies from coffee enemas to lemon/vinegar drinks, to eating some special kind of dirt, etc. Personally I didn't mind eating better but I drew the line at coffee enemas.

(There was a lot more than that but yea, we worked out the split, she headed off to the coast and I'm quietly enjoying myself in a flyover state.)


Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296

Actually the CCNA/CCNP certs were the worst ones I acquired. At a company I was working at, I wanted to get more indepth networking knowledge and asked if I could take a CCNA course. They had access to a CCNA/CCNP diploma mill and sent me there instead. I didn't even take notes and passed the CCNA on the first run. The CCNP tests were harder but I eventually passed them. I did gain more networking level knowledge but it was more when I was a network engineer for a year than anything I picked up from the course.

And for my resume, I would only list the Red Hat ones anyway. The others would go on a historical type resume.


Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296

Actually the only cert I put on my resume are current ones. The ones I listed are old/expired and are listed on my newly created linked in account. Heck, I don't even put all 31 years of experience (which I realized when I was putting my linked in stuff together) on my resume, just the past 2 jobs and a current relevant skillset.


Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296

Yea I did, my bad. And I see this seems to be more of a programming question in general than something more like IT or sysadmin. But I have worked as a programmer and hacked a lot of code over the years in C, Perl, and a pretty large LAMP project (for me anyway, almost 100,000 lines of code for the app and 140 mysql tables; not large for some of course :) ). At this point I don't see moving back into programming.


Comment Re:rip-off (Score 4, Informative) 296

You mean because I have 5 certs and am working on a 6th and 7th means you'll shitcan my resume without even seeing that I have 31 years of experience in IT?

3Com 3Wizard Certification
Solaris Certified System Administrator
Solaris Certified Network Administrator
Cisco Certified Network Administrator
Cisco Certified Network Professional

And I'm taking my Red Hat Certified System Administrator and Red Hat Certified Engineer tests next month.

I take them more as a confirmation that I know my stuff and to bone up on the things my job doesn't prepare me for like SELinux, building RPMs, and Red Hat specific stuff like systemctl/systemd, etc. We're still using Red Hat 6 so studying and taking the 7 tests is a challenge, especially with no training materials. I'm taking the 6 book and running a 6 environment on my CentOS 7 desktop and identifying the differences.


Comment Re:FP! (Score 1) 688

1. Sure, but that doesn't take all that long. A 30 minute break isn't out of the question though. Typically I'm off the bike, gassed up, and on my way in half that time though.

2. Nope, I'm single and yea four vehicles in the garage not including the 2 bicycles. Just curious as to the range. I'm not interested in the car part but in the advances to make an electric motorcycle more likely, although in the future (there are electric bikes now, same thing though; range and time to recharge). And based on comments, I never considered 2 or 3 trips a year to be rare. You travel a lot?

3. Sorry, motorcycle rider and take my trips on the bike. Five gallon tank and about 47mpg (40mpg to 52mpg depending on where I am). I'll occasionally throw the spare 5 gallon tank on the back when riding in Canada due to the sparseness of stations. Had to stop on the Alaska Highway to refill from the spare after passing a few closed stations.

Wasn't worried about the budget. Just wondered about ranges and how quick to charge. Thanks for the info.


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