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Razer Unveils Portable Gaming Device Concept 66

MerelyASetback writes "Razer has shown a new concept for a gaming device that uses a pair of 7-inch multitouch displays as well as a layer of tactile, dynamic keys on the lower screen. Much like the Optimus Maximus of yesteryear, this keyboard would enable gamers to place different screens underneath depending on the title, and even within a game — you could imagine the keys shifting to account for different POVs, levels, scenarios, etc. Internally, the concept is based around an Intel Atom processor, but there's no word on what kind of GPU would work alongside of it."
Input Devices

Kinect Creators To Make PC Controller 96

Hugh Pickens writes "PrimeSense, the privately held Israeli company that licensed core Kinect technology to Microsoft, is teaming up with PC and peripheral maker Asus to create a similar device for the PC that can be used for browsing multimedia content and accessing the Internet and social networks — basically, the main things consumers use their PCs for. Last month, a Korean game developer claimed that Microsoft was working on a version of Kinect for the PC, but Microsoft hasn't confirmed any such plans."

Comment Re:pointing fingers (Score 4, Interesting) 361

What is tightly regulated? Half the Quant algo trading models get thought up in the evening, coded overnight and activated in the market the next morning.

If you try and slow them down they just run to the head of the desk bleating that the "nasty IT man stopped me making $1000,000,000 for the bank with his silly QA nonsense" and whoosh, its in production. It is prop trading so its their risk.


Submission + - Moore's Law has already stopped working

BigTom writes: The Reg has a report from the SC08 supercomputing event in Austin.

David Patterson of the Par Lab (Parallel Computing Laboratory) thinks that Moore's Law no longer applies (and he has the numbers to proove it) if you want to do more in future you have to go concurrent, and the future starts right now.

So, what to do? brush up your Erlang? Occam anyone? Or are AI optimisers going to eat our lunch?
The Internet

Submission + - We will all get rich taking in each others Laundry

BigTom writes: The register is running a report about the Stanford Summit where various VR luminaries Philip Rosedale, Craig Sherman and Jaron Lanier.
Among claims of VR environments running on "100 of millions of servers" Jaron Lanier made the prediction that: "In 25 years, robotics will be so good, we'll have no more manufacturing jobs. Software will be so good, there will be no more consulting jobs. But we will all get rich buying and selling virtual goods."
He had me going for a moment, but then "no more consulting jobs"? Yeah, right.

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