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Submission + - Element 14 holding orders based on government watch lists (

An anonymous reader writes: The article speaks for itself but basically the suggestion is there are watch lists and holds issued regarding the purchase of simple electronic components thanks to US provided name lists. It reads pretty crazy but David L Jones has been around a while. Is he getting played here or have others had the same experience?

Submission + - TOSAmend: Counteroffer Terms of Service Agreements (

BigSlowTarget writes: Are we simply subject to whatever a software provider demands of us in their clickthrough TOS agreement or are they real contracts where we can counteroffer our preferred terms and expect a refund if they are rejected? One blogger has come up with an applet to change TOS agreements and automatically submit the changes for approval (or rejection). Even he is not sure of the legal standing for the offer, but with these contracts so common they have been featured on South Park the issue certainly could be coming to the courts soon.

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