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Comment: Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (Score 1) 917

by BigRare (#35591870) Attached to: Apple Removes Gay Cure App From App Store

Contrary to popular belief, people are neither homo- nor hetero-sexual. People are sexual. The Ancient Greeks had that figured out, why can't we? The color of your skin is genetic, your personal religious beliefs are not. Gay is not the new Black and people I know who happen to be from a minority feel offended and marginalized by that way of thinking. The Human Experience isn't black and white and doesn't fit into a box. People who put other people into groups or classifications are often bigots, especially if you judge by the group. Understand that there's a difference between contradiction and harmony. Keep an open mind, treat others with dignity and respect, discover the truth, be more than you were, rise above the status quo and don't be a statistic. There is no race of humanity, only humanity. A little competition and a little rebellion are good for the soul. Be bound only by your dreams, not your failings. Be at peace with yourself and your neighbors. Look after the widow and the orphan. Help the alien, they are strangers in a strange land. They're not here for your job, they're here for a better life. Hate war and love peace, but be willing to fight for what you love. Love yourself and those around you. Love wisdom as though she were a lover. Seek her out and drink deep of her wells. Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and the world will surprise you.


+ - NY Times Asks Twitter to Shut Down Retweeting Feed->

Submitted by WesternActor
WesternActor (300755) writes "According to PCMag.com, the New York Times has asked Twitter to shut down the FreeNYT Twitter feed that basically retweets all of the Times' articles. Is this really possible? After all, the feed just points to a list of Times Twitter accounts, all of which can also be found on the Times' website. If the Times succeeds in shutting this down, it could have a chilling effect for Twitter and online free speech in general."
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