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by BigFootApe (#43134077) Attached to: SXSW: Elon Musk Talks Reusable Rockets, Tesla Controversy

The input energy for the heat engine is less than the total amount of energy transported. In an example of a heat pump acting as a chiller, there is significant waste heat which must be dumped into a heat sink.Total energy transported is more than the input energy, but overall energy is conserved.

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by BigFootApe (#34603964) Attached to: Intel's Sandy Bridge Processor Has a Kill Switch

The word everyone is looking for would be obsolescent. Just because a newer processor comes out, it doesn't mean that the old ones stop working en masse.

The statement isn't even true, however. Not as long as the older gear is still useful and the inconvenience of replacement outweighs the advantages.

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The days of gentlemen skippers are long gone. America's cup teams now use professional crews and professional skippers. USA 17 (the current cup holder) was helmed by Russell Coutts. Larry didn't "command the crew", Russell did. Larry's most important task was to support Russell financially and organizationally.

I don't mean to take away from Larry's abilities as a sailor, but simply to point out the commitment required of sailors at the top levels of competition. It's no longer the hobby it was 30 years ago. It is a life and a career.

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