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Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 1) 373

Fair enough, but why didn't they chant "Falcon! Falcon!"? After all, Lockheed and Boeing have sat on their ass for 40 years getting fat off the teat. Their heritage comes from TRW, their own hard work to fulfill a DARPA contract, and some vision on the part of NASA to get COTS off the ground. These companies and initiatives were all fairly maverick in their way, moving against the prevailing currents of hot air blowing from the Washington Beltway.

Comment Re:The Commit Message (Score 1) 572

The Systemd project has eaten quite a bit of the userspace plumbing (udev and consolekit->logind) for which upstream support is no longer systemd independent. They are also pushing to control future iterations of dbus. To truly be free of systemd, maintainers will have to fork and maintain these modules or otherwise provide equivalent functionality. My guess is that few are willing or able to commit the necessary resources at the present time.

Comment Re:Fucking Lawyers (Score 1) 181

Google got a lot of their libs from Apache, and Apache had lots of contributions from other commercial entities (IBM, Intel, BEA, etc.). They built on top of an existing Apache licensed codebase for their Apache licensed virtual machine runtime which is the explicit benefit of using free software. Oracle is trolling the Java community because either Larry needs a new yacht, or they're just compulsive douchebags.

Comment Re:Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1, Informative) 456

The alternative to using the term "PC" to describe IBM PCs and their descendants is to use some horribly convoluted terminology, along the lines of "Oh no, this isn't a Mac, this is a computer that implements standards comprising a descendant of the IBM PC architecture..

IBM PC compatible or IBM PC clone is what your looking for.

Comment Re:One Problem (Score 1) 108

With Mali, Adreno, and Vivante there are viable or near viable options for open drivers. Despite having good development platforms (BeagleBone, Intel Atom boards) and a lot more lead time, OSS drivers for PowerVR are way behind. This lends credence to Wladimir from the Etnaviv (Vivante driver) project calling PowerVR's architecture a "tower of shit".

Comment Re:Nuclear Shaped Charge (Score 1) 150

Impulse is provided by soft X-ray ablation. X-ray production and dispersal can be tuned by:

X-ray window on the radiation case
The majority of the radiation case is lined with standard X-ray reflector material. An area of the radiation case is more X-ray transparent, giving some directionality to X-ray radiation previous to explosive dissassembly of the device.

X-ray lasing medium
Lasing rods are installed on the device to selectively produce X-ray photons when energized by a nuclear detonation, again previous to explosive dissassembly. See Project Excalibur.

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