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Comment: Re:its all about choice. (Score 1) 581

by BigFootApe (#48422581) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

Better to have a neutral way of process dependencies being defined, then have tools automatically translate into the configuration of your favourite init system. Alternately, sell upstream developers on the merit of a standardized init system conf file format and get them to adopt it.

But this isn't the problem. The problem is that un-forked udev is only shipped in tandem with systemd. ConsoleKit is deprecated and replaced with logind, which is only shipped with systemd.

It's like MS bundling newer versions of DirectX only with their latest flavour of Windows, although perhaps not for the same reasons. Same tactics, though.

Comment: Unit Conversions (Score 1) 942

by BigFootApe (#48034367) Attached to: David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures

Isn't it enough to teach people how to properly perform unit conversions (then show them the cell phone app)?

Within the context of science education, it is a much easier to focus on understanding the mathematical relationships which underpin theory using metric. Use of customary units (US or UK) will result in more students falling back on the use of memorized magic numbers and not proper derived constants. Understanding concepts of scale in science becomes an order more difficult as well.

For this reason, metric units (mks or sometimes cgs) units are by far dominant in scientific papers and texts. Imperial has some presence in engineering, possibly due to a more narrow focus and more resistance to change.

Comment: Re:I call BS (Score 1) 167

by BigFootApe (#43134077) Attached to: SXSW: Elon Musk Talks Reusable Rockets, Tesla Controversy

The input energy for the heat engine is less than the total amount of energy transported. In an example of a heat pump acting as a chiller, there is significant waste heat which must be dumped into a heat sink.Total energy transported is more than the input energy, but overall energy is conserved.

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