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Comment: And the underappreciated 3DS (Score 2) 181

by BigCatRik (#37207100) Attached to: Is the Quick Death of Failed Tech Products a Good Thing?
The 3DS is a great gaming device (I've played at least 5 games for over 20 hours each) and will get better as more games are released. The previous generation of consoles took up to a year or longer to establish themselves but the doomsayers came out in droves when the 3DS *only* sold 3.6 million within its first few months (and in a non-holiday time frame) instead of the 4 million that Nintendo was hoping for. Luckily, instead of pulling it off the shelves, Nintendo has cut the price (leading to a massive sales surge) and pumped up the publicity for the new games with their major names that are due shortly.

Comment: Re:No doubt, will equal GIMP (Score 1) 205

by BigCatRik (#31852302) Attached to: Lightworks Video Editor To Go Open Source

I did this with *gasp* Adobe Premiere because the freely available tools were either buggy or lacked the features I needed.

Same reason I got Sony Vegas. I had something that needed to be done. Blender was originally a professional in-house tool so its usefulness was already proven when it ventured into open source. Hopefully the same happens for Lightworks. Rik

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