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Comment: Re:Anyone else think Neo900 is too little, too lat (Score 1) 192

by BigBunion (#47266393) Attached to: Amazon Announces 'Fire Phone'
Amazon doesn't seem like the type of company to negotiate exclusive (restrictive) deals like this. I'd bet that they decided to use a GSM radio in the phone, which will work around the world. Verizon and Sprint use a CDMA network that pretty much only exists in the US. Sometimes we tend to forget that the US only makes up 5% of the world's population.

Comment: Java is required? (Score 2) 265

by BigBunion (#42565521) Attached to: Oracle Knew of Latest Java 0-Day Security Hole In August
It drives me crazy- my kids have several java-based websites they are required to use for school. I'm not too worried if their laptops get borked- there's nothing of value on them. When the nasties spread across the network to my PC and my server, I've got real problems. What do I do besides complain to the school?

Comment: Re:Accuracy (Score 2) 861

by BigBunion (#42041367) Attached to: Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense Shield Actually Works
No, actually the summary says "the shield is destroying 90 percent of missiles and rockets IT AIMS AT." The system is not aiming at rockets headed toward unpopulated areas. I think what they are claming is that 90% of the interceptors hit their intended target. If true, this is quite impressive.

Comment: Not bad, but not spectacular (Score 1) 1

by BigBunion (#41743741) Attached to: Apple unveils iPad Mini
Price on the iPad mini is too high relative to competitors at $329 for 16gb and $429 for 32gb. AAPL stock price dropped $10 the moment they announced pricing. And for cripes sake, in what world (other than Steve's reality distortion field) does 16gb of flash memory cost $100? You can get a 16gb micro SD card for under $15. Oh, that's right, Apple doesn't think it's sheeple have the brain power to use an SD card.

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