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Comment big trucks (Score 1) 115

During the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, mobile carriers drove big trucks around the parts of the city without power for people to juice up their phones. We were without power for 16 days, so being able to visit one of the trucks made all the difference :-) I only wish that we could have recharged our laptops, not to use them but because the batteries didn't like being totally flat for a couple of weeks after slowly discharging on standby.

Comment Re:No single client solution (Score 1) 213

Skype has always been reluctant (slight euphemism there) to let third party software connect to its network.

Although this whole idea was kinda put on its head with the release of the SkypeKit library. Unfortunately its licence is specifically open-source incompatible so it can't be used in Pidgin (but it is used in Trillian) - so for now you're stuck with the other Skype plugin for Pidgin.

Comment Worst I've seen.... (Score 1) 414

I used to be the only "IT guy" at a workplace of 110 Windows and OSX machines. If there was anything IT related ("build us a website","make this expensive new Windows-only printer we just bought work with that Linux thing") it fell upon me to do it. Of course, I was fired because I started to say "no" to their technically impossible requests leaving..... no one behind to do anything. Oddly enough, the company still hasn't got a new "IT guy" in after a year... but they did get in a 3rd party to replace their 14 year old NT4 server box that was sitting on the floor under some guy's desk. 110 users-to-0 admins is the same as infinity-to-one right?

Comment Thats nice but... (Score 1) 149

Does it let me fix the maps?

Here's my house (please keep arial bombardments aimed at my neighbours)

Not only are the maps not lined up with the satelite imagery, but my property is aparently twice as big as its supposed to be... unless I now inadvertantly own two houses and some crazy people who say otherwise are living my second house.

If they trust me enough to let me fix the marker, can't they let me fix the maps too? :(

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