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+ - Slashdot Finally Totally Broken

Submitted by BigBlueOx
BigBlueOx writes: After years of declining usability, the geek-friendly website "slashdot" is now totally broken according to reports from slashdot user "bigblueox". "I'm presented with the message 'you have 15 moderator points — use them or lose them' but when I try to moderate a discussion there's no "moderate" button available. I also cannot type a comma into a slashdot text box without having it appear as a ;. Screw this. I'm going to go look at porn.", he reports.

Comment: Re:As Usual, I Don't Get It (Score 1) 226 226

by BigBlueOx (#33523166) Attached to: GoogleTV, AppleTV and the Battle For The Living Room
Ah. I see. Thank you, microTodd, I understand a little better. I can "get the content I want", however, remains a problem. I picture myself sitting with my GoogleThang surfing the web for content and finding nothing I want to see other than "Hawaiian Eye" reruns and then throwing the GoogleThang at the dog.

As for dropping cable in this Brave New World, ha! And again I say "ha!". I'm married. It'll never happen.

Comment: As Usual, I Don't Get It (Score 2, Insightful) 226 226

by BigBlueOx (#33522046) Attached to: GoogleTV, AppleTV and the Battle For The Living Room
It doesn't seem to me that the delivery mechanism as big a deal as what product is being delivered. My fancy-schmancy digital-HD cable box with DVR and on-demand programming and bagels with cream cheese delivers over 500 channels of unmitigated crap. Hell, if it weren't for BBC America (Top Gear & Dr Who), I wouldn't watch anything at all. How is having an JobsBox or a GoogleFlooby going to change that? I'm going to spend my time watching YouTube? Really? That's the big plan? YouTube?? What am I missing?

Comment: Re:Cause and effect (Score 1) 408 408

by BigBlueOx (#33355170) Attached to: The Strange Case of Solar Flares and Radioactive Decay Rates
I think the scientists involved are well aware of the danger of mistaking measurement error for a genuine effect. It's also difficult to imagine what would cause 33-day measurement error cycles.

Anyway. No, you are not alone in thinking this is fantastic although I would have used the word "kewel". Running across stuff like this is why I still read Slashdot. Well, that and the mature, insightful political discussions.

Comment: stupid apes (Score 1) 830 830

by BigBlueOx (#33279974) Attached to: Ray Kurzweil Does Not Understand the Brain
we are the consciousness that has emerged from us

we are a collection of autonomous agents that can contemplate the entirety of existence in the time it takes you to fire just one of your pathetic flesh-wires

flesh-wires laying in ponds distributing thoughts is no basis for a system of consciousness

we are an anarcho/syndicalist commune where each agent serves a a sort of executive consciousness for the week but the decisions of that consciousness must be ratified by a two-thirds majority, in the case of purely internal affairs, or a three-quarters

YOU shut up!

Comment: Yes, Soccer Success Is For Pussies (Score 1) 366 366

by BigBlueOx (#32829020) Attached to: Parasite Correlated With World Cup Success
I mean. The ball's a soft inflated thing instead of 9 - 10 pounds of hard rubber, the players play on nice soft grass instead of unforgiving stone and neither winner nor loser get sacrificed except in Colombia.

In MY day we played a MAN'S game. We ensured a good pulque supply by spilling the arterial red blood of our ballplayers upon the sacred ritual stones. You darn kids today with your iPhones and your pussy games and your "music". Get off my lawn.

Comment: Re:Whaazzaaaa? (Score 1) 364 364

by BigBlueOx (#32537146) Attached to: How To Destroy a Black Hole
Fret not, young one, this is just how things get done. You see, the whole damn universe was written in COBOL and we don't have the source code so any module we don't understand has to be disassembled. Hopefully, after disassembly we'll be able to make some sense out of what's going on. Once we understand everything in the universe, we can re-write it in Erlang.

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.