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Comment Re:Surprised "The Power of the Daleks" was lost (Score 1) 79

The point is: Canada only bought up to and including Marco Polo in the mid 1960s. The US bought most of the first three Pertwee seasons in the early/mid 1970s. By the time they got round to buying other episodes, including black and white, the stories we've mentioned here didn't exist anymore. They weren't officially sold to Canada and yet my friend saw them.

Comment Re:Surprised "The Power of the Daleks" was lost (Score 1) 79

You know, I had a friend in Canada who swore blind he saw 1960s episodes broadcast that are now missing but when this was mentioned to the upper echelons of Dr.Who fandom, we were told it wasn't true, his memory was faulty, or that he was wrong. The man is sure he was right, but to those of Fandom Royalty, it seemed to be much effort to check the basis of this story. It was much easier to label it as "rumour" or "wrong."

Submission + - Man Who Found Missing Dr Who Episodes Teases "More To Come" (

BigBadBus writes: In late 2013, Philip Morris announced that he had found 9 missing episodes of 1960s Dr.Who, which completed the 1968 story "Enemy of the World" and most of "The Web of Fear." He has now gone on record to talk about the only episode of these stories that he didn't find — namely part 3 of "Web of Fear" and teases of more episode finds to come.

Submission + - The Titanic Was Officially Found 30 Years Ago

BigBadBus writes: In the early hours of 1st September 1985, a camera package operated by a joint French-American team uncovered the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, sunk 73 years before. The leader of that portion of the expedition, Dr.Robert D.Ballard went on to great success while the French team, who did 80% of the work, have been more or less forgotten.
That expedition marked the first time that humans had seen the wreck for 7 decades — or had they? Since then, some little evidence has emerged that says the wreck was actually found at least ten years previously, but documents that would prove this are classified until 2033. What we know of the backstory can be found here which also describes Dr.Ballard's intense secrecy in 1985, how his company stood to gain from the discovery and his changing attitude towards salvage when museusm turned down his proposal to "traffic" in recovered artefacts.
Disclosure: I am the author of that article.

Submission + - DNA Trounces A Titanic Fraud (

BigBadBus writes: When the Titanic sank in April 1912, the only first class child to perish was 2 year old Loraine Allison; the Allison's maid, Alice Cleaver had already absconded with baby Trevor, leaving the child's grief-stricken parents to search the ship for their son, unaware that he was safe in a lifeboat. The three members of the Allison family left on the Titanic perished together.
In future decades, a lady by the name of Helen Loraine Kramer came forward to claim that she was actually Loraine, and that she had been saved by a "Mr.Hyde" who had bundled her into a lifeboat. There seemed to be no proof to back up this claim, and suspicions were further stoked when Hyde was identified as the Titanic's chief designer, Thomas Andrews, who it seemed had turned his back on his family in Ireland to raise Loraine as his own. The further fact that Kramer/Allison would have to be 9 years old when she gave birth to her first daughter was seemingly no impediment to this bizarre story. With Kramer's death, her granddaughter Debrina Woods took up the mantle of proving the link to the Allison family, alluding to suitcases of evidence to back up her claim, but prevaricating on whether any DNA testing had been carried out, while she writes her book and movie script.
A few weeks back, a rival researcher acting on behalf of the actual Allison family finally got the results of the mitochondrial DNA analysis of Kramer and descendants of the Allisons: there was no match, meaning that Kramer's claims can now be consigned to the dustbin used to file the similar bogus claims of Princess Anastasia/Anna Anderson and other frauds.
This has not detered Woods, who has claimed to have "CLOSER genetic participants" than her opponent, but this simply shows ignorance of how mitochondrial DNA is passed down the family line.

Comment Rephrase the question - and a Merry Christmas! (Score -1, Offtopic) 189

Perhaps I can ask about improving YOUR chances of getting these discounted items? :)
You could go to my website (see the URL below) and click on and one of the Amazon links; you don't have to buy the item on display as you can remove it from your shopping basket. We get a tiny commission (about 10 cents or less) for each item sold while you are logged on.
Have a very Merry Christmas (and who knows, maybe next Christmas WE can afford to buy some of these wonderfully discounted items :)

Comment Re:Glad (Score 1) 184

Yes, thanks, I knew most of this.
Just a few points: It was actually BBC Enterprises in the 1960s and 1970s. TV shows were marketed under conditions but with one important addition; if the prints had exceeded their agreed sales target and weren't to be sent to another TV station, they were to be either sent back to the BBC or destroyed, and a certificate of destruction issued as proof. I suspect that many episodes were routinely destroyed as part of the sales agreement; it is cheaper to burn or thrown out than go to the hassle of shipping them back.
You're right about the Film Archive though. Only a random assortment of 16 and 35mm black and white episodes wound up there. I forget how many, possibly about 30 or so. Then when it was found that BBC Enterprises had made telerecordings/kinescopes of practically all the episodes, efforts were made to find out what they had. Unfortunately, they had been destroying episodes for about 5 years at that point so there were big gaps. The BBC Film Archives stopped the junking almost straight away and requisitioned the exisitng film prints from Ents. Later on, VT was also requisitioned, and it became the BBC Film and Videotape Library. By the time this had happened, a lot of colour video tape had already been wiped by the BBC Engineering Dept. for reuse.

One thing we must bear in mind is that this didn't just affect Dr.Who. Nearly all of the BBC output was affected. Some dramas have many hundreds of episodes missing. And it isn't just a BBC problem. Many Independant TV station in the UK have lost material. Its just that Dr.Who is soooooo high profile ;-)

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