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Comment: Small/medium size organisation; 1100 employees (Score 1) 243

by Big Nothing (#32599938) Attached to: Where Does IT Fall Within Your Organization?

The IT Dept. used to be part of the Service Dept. along with HR, Info, Legal, Utility services, etc. but now we're part of the Finance Dept. which just about everyone think is wrong. The IT Big Boss is trying to get IT to be a stand-alone dept. reporting directly to the VP.

Comment: Re:You want a friend? (Score 1) 1354

by Big Nothing (#28418621) Attached to: Where Does a Geek Find a Social Life?

Actually, that's not bad advice - assuming you'd actually care for a dog (and be able to take care of it). A dog will provide you with comfort, friendship and unwavering loyalty beyond anything any human can or will. At the very least it will:

* make you more satisfied with your life and thus
* make you less desperate for company (believe it or not, desperation is not sexy)
* get you off your ass.

As a bonus it might
* provide the opportunity to meet other people
- some of which are of the opposite gender
- all of which you share a common interest (dogs)

That last point is not irrelevant, because at the very least you'll have some place to start a conversation.

Also, in a humorous side note:,22049,24112087-5013605,00.html

Comment: Re:Run Windoze much?? (Score 3, Funny) 655

by Big Nothing (#28082379) Attached to: Ridiculous Software Bug Workarounds?

I remember back in the Windows days, there were various stability and malware problems that could only be fixed by installing Linux, *BSD or some other high-quality OS. Ridiculous, I know, but true nonetheless. As a bonus though, the TCO was significantly reduced, so basically it was a win-win situation.

Comment: Re:This is America (Score 4, Insightful) 433

I'm all for using games as a means of sparking young men and women's interest in joining the armed forces. It's a great way to show them what to expect without actually sending them overseas. The only condition I ask is that a representative number of gamers get shot in the gut with an AK-47.

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