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Comment Re:Keep an older copy of Chrome around? (Score 2) 208 208

all those years of "write once, run anywhere" bullshit and here we are with seven different installations of java from 1.5 to 1.8 just to run a web application and a database.

and yeah, i agree, like flash java needs to die, fed up of the weekly security exploits.

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 662 662

it was getting a bit repetitive - go abroad somewhere with 3 knackered cars, try to cross a river/desert, end up doing roadside fixes, one presenter gets left behind, bang into each other a bit, blah blah.

very formulaic, like ramsey's hotel hell or even the a-team.

Comment Hollywood will blame pirates... (Score 1) 400 400

...the rest of us know that its because of the endless remakes, reboots, prequels and general lack of any new ideas coming out of LA. I mean how many times can you reboot Superman/Spiderman?

Don't get me started on movies made entirely to sell toys and themepark rides like Transformers and fucking Frozen.

Comment Not another Stonehenge (Score 2) 99 99

Please don't make it like Stonehenge where you can't even get to it without going through the giftshop, and then you can't actually get anywhere near it.

I expect they'll Disney-fy it and rename it Bletchley Theme Park, jees do the Nation Trust just play Angry Birds all day?

Comment Re:The Seagate Squeak (Score 2) 444 444

in my experience smart ain't worth a wank. had tens of drives fail, only ever had any headsup from smart on one.

heard from a data recovery service that the main probelm with the baraccuda's is the power supply board, they stock loads of them as most of their business is solved by replacing it.

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