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Comment: Re:Gallium? (Score 2) 260

That's the thing, gallium is not that exotic and has recreational uses. Casting equipment?! A staggering range of uses for thousands of years.

BTW "stabilize" is in the metallurgical sense. If the open literature is correct, and I hope it is full of booby traps for bomb makers, plutonium is less of a nightmare to put into controlled shapes if alloyed with gallium.

Comment: "If a group isn't interested" (Score 1) 333

by Beryllium Sphere(tm) (#46353033) Attached to: Will Peggy the Programmer Be the New Rosie the Riveter?

Groups aren't interested in things, people are, and pre-adult female people get a lot of messages about what should interest them which are outright toxic and which we should compensate for. Getting them some exposure to CS and programming may partially make up for a lifetime that begins with their brothers hogging the computer and which continues with outright anti-intellectualism in school.

Comment: Empirically provably false (Score 1) 333

by Beryllium Sphere(tm) (#46352991) Attached to: Will Peggy the Programmer Be the New Rosie the Riveter?

See the book "Unlocking the Clubhouse" for the results of hundreds of interviews with bright highly motivated female CS students.

> equal opportunity based upon relevant attributes (ie demonstrated interest and aptitude)

That's a good thing to focus on since we're not there yet and have more work to do.

Comment: Re:Alarming? (Score 1) 325

by Beryllium Sphere(tm) (#46020405) Attached to: The Whole Story Behind Low AP CS Exam Stats

Do read up on what happens to girls who are fascinated by CS studies and work hard at them. I've posted links in the past.

A lack of women and minorities in a field means the talent pool isn't as large as it could be. I like working with good people. You're more likely to find good people if you have more candidates to choose among.

Comment: Re:They should allow it (Score 1) 201

by Beryllium Sphere(tm) (#45996251) Attached to: SCOTUS To Weigh Smartphone Searches By Police


An arrest is supposed to mean an officer had probable cause. In practice it means nothing whatever.

Requiring judicial review preserves a little privacy for victims of DWB and harassment arrests.

Comment: Negative influences long after 1992 (Score 1) 489

by Beryllium Sphere(tm) (#45932839) Attached to: Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School

>I don't believe that there are any negative influences early on dissuading women from working tech.

There are, documented in the stories of hundreds of women in computer science at CMU. It starts in childhood and continues all through school, only to be followed by people at a job fair saying "we're not looking for anyone in marketing" as a software developer hands over her resume.

See the book "Unlocking the Clubhouse".

The CMU students were really bright and highly motivated. Anything pushing out people like that needs to be fixed!

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