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Comment Re:MS uses what works (Score 1) 282

NT was actually developed for the Intel i860, and ported to MIPS R4000...

And yes while it *DID* support those platforms at one point, it currently does not. All those non x86 ports are dead aside from ARM, which is intentionally crippled and not a full port.

Comment Re:Non-exhaustive list of MS's contempt for custom (Score 1) 103

And for windows phone this is a viable option, there are plenty of other phones widely available and you wont be inconvenienced because you dont have a windows phone.

For desktop windows this isn't the case, alternatives are either not widely known (linux) or start at a much higher price point (apple), and if you are using one of the alternative you will often encounter inconvenience in the form of proprietary applications, files or third parties that force you towards using windows.

Comment Re:MS? Privacy? Direct lies now company policy? (Score 1) 103

I do something similar, but using wildcard subdomains... And i dont use the company name, but a code (where i keep a list of the codes related to what they were used for)... I have caught a few companies out this way, although i dont have anything registered with microsoft or adobe.

Comment Jumping ship? (Score 1) 123

an important tool used by cellular carriers to prevent customers from jumping ship.

Handset locks don't stop anything, it is contract law which ensures people pay for the remainder of their contract terms... Handset locks just decrease the usefulness and resale value of the handset, while creating an artificial grey market in unlocking methods.

I intentionally avoid any operator who supplies locked handsets.

Comment Re:MS uses what works (Score 1) 282

Linux may run on x86, but it also runs on MIPS, PPC, ARM etc which Windows generally does not and most networking equipment does not use x86 cpus.

It's more likely that MS have realised there is no long term future in selling software, and that cloud hosting is the future due to being an ongoing revenue stream... And that's a market where linux has a heavy presence.

Comment Re:True. So? (Score 1) 212

Zoneminder is not aimed at non technical people.. The people running it know better than to expose it to the Internet in a default state.
People buying off the shelf systems often don't know any better and there are thousands of such systems easily found through google.

Zoneminder is open enough that the user can easily harden it themselves, the off the shelf systems often are not. Hiding insecure systems behind a firewall is a kludge, not a proper fix.

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 1) 280

So if you're stuck with streaming not only are you most likely to be watching it at peak times, when congestion is most likely to occur but you could end up seeing an inferior quality version to what you wanted?

That's why i download, my connection is too congested during the day and i don't want to watch tv after midnight, but i can happily download torrents after midnight and watch them in full quality the following day.

Comment Re:iperf and a youtube stream disagree (Score 1) 280

The improving video codecs will be offset by higher resolutions, 4K, 8K etc...

I would much prefer to rsync data at night, but most of the commercial services don't offer that option and force you to stream, so you end up with much higher bandwidth usage at peak times and virtually nothing at night.

Comment Re:ZoneMinder (Score 1) 212

Most of those systems are also horribly insecure... I bought a system with 4 night vision cameras, they all run linux and have a hard coded root password, as well as a directory traversal bug which lets you get any file from the filesystem (including /etc/passwd but also the file where the dvr software itself stores your admin password in plaintext)...
Many of the ones i've seen also have extremely crude interfaces, requiring ie6 and activex...

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