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Comment: Re:Your building a name (Score 1) 254

by Berserk CEO (#14063753) Attached to: Mega Bloks Wins Supreme Court Battle Against Lego
Any invention that requires a large amount of upfront investment simply wouldn't happen if there wasn't some way to prevent competitors leeching off your R&D effort. This is so different from a new pizza topping that "order of magnitude" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Maybe, but most of the patents we see filed these days are comparable in their complexity to the new pizza topping. I could start listing them by thousands from Amazon's one click shopping patent to these, but I'm not going waste my time on it. What I'm saying, is that there a are some huge flaws in the patent system that unless they get fixed, they make the whole idea of patents stink.

"What man has done, man can aspire to do." -- Jerry Pournelle, about space flight