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by Berkyjay (#47380629) Attached to: Duolingo is a Free, Crowdsourced Language Learning App (Video)
I did try that. But when I said that it moves too fast, I meant that it doesn't cover some important fundamentals and just moves on to more advanced stuff fairly quickly. Stuff like gender type (which is huge in German) was glossed over and not given proper attention. But then when you move onto the advanced stuff, it kind of assumes that you are knowledgeable about gender type.

Comment: I wanted to like it.... (Score 1) 75

by Berkyjay (#47379955) Attached to: Duolingo is a Free, Crowdsourced Language Learning App (Video)
But after a few weeks using trying to pick up some German, I become increasingly frustrated with the app. Granted, German isn't the easiest of languages. But the app just went far too fast and failed to reinforce before moving forward. I think it's a fixable problem, but for now I'm looking elsewhere for lessons.

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by Berkyjay (#46985243) Attached to: What Caused a 1300-Year Deep Freeze?
If this was a purely technical problem to be solved with no issues gathering the resources to solve it then no. But this is much much more than a technical problem. The big issue is going to be political and finding the will to divert trillions of dollars to adapting to the change in climate while people will need food and new homes. Of course there will be wars to fight because of all this and that isn't cheap either. Are we smart enough to adapt? Absolutely. Do we have the will and foresight to adapt on our own rather than being forced to before billions die? Probably not.

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I've been here for 10 years. I arrived a few years after the dotcom crash and I fell in love with the city. And it wasn't the city that tech built. It was the city that was recovering from the tech devastation. It was a city of artists and just plain old regular people doing their thing. This was still the place to go to get your visual effects done or to get a video game made. Rent was high, but not beyond what a college student couldn't manage with a serving job. It had old tried and true spots that survived the ups and downs. New spots would come about, but they seemed to grow organically and not sprout up and become overcrowded due to hype. It was almost like it was our little secret. But then that secret got out, and the money flowed in and along with it came the greed and the shallowness. Prices skyrocketed, people were driven out. All to make room for people who don't care about community or the beauty of a "lived in" city. They want to be perceived as cool and as important. They don't want to see the homeless and they have no patience for public transportation or a long commute. And finally they write stupid comments like the one above all in an effort to boost their sense of self worth. Because in the end, they are all miserable because they realize deep down inside that most of what they do is all filler for the world at large. They aren't saving lives, they aren't curing disease, they aren't feeding the poor. It's all just distractions.

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Autodesk easily holds the vast share of feature film/TV/Game development market. Modo is probably a distant second with Blender only really being used in a pre-viz capacity in any major or even mid-sized studio. Maya by far has the largest share of that market, followed by 3DSMax, and then XSI. So I would argue against that point of Blender and others doing just fine.

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Yeah, either go to school to get a normal job or become a Walmart or McDonald's drone working for the minimum and collecting food stamps. You and everyone else around you convince yourself that if you work hard and get a good job you can easily afford the loans. But working hard usually means that you can barely work on the side to make a living. So then you're forced to take loans out just to cover living expenses. So you work hard, bust your ass and end up with a butt load of loans and no guarantee that your hard work will produce enough income to cover the massive amount of debt you incurred. The smart thing that I've been telling my nieces and nephews is to look at college as something you do in your 20's. Go to community college on your own money and take your time. Work your way into a better school and try to get as many grants as possible. Then by the time you're 26-27 you might get into state and only have a year or so to get a bachelor's. The you can work your way into grad school. The trick is to not feel the pressure to get school over quickly and to get all of the filler stuff out of the way on your own dime. Wait until grad school to take out loans or hopefully you'll have performed well enough to earn your way through grants. It works, I have a good friend do exactly that. Zero debt. It just sucks that I never figured this out sooner.

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