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Comment Just the media part? (Score 4, Interesting) 286

Can someone verify this? I read somewhere last night (can't find the link) that he only bought the media portion of NatGeo. The non-profit part that runs the museum in DC and gives out research grants is still under the control of the NatGeo non-profit. They basically sold the media segment so that they could still continue operating as a research non-profit. But I could be wrong.

Comment Re:Excuse to keep using oil (Score 1) 249

Oooooh, you're an arrogant dick who thinks he knows what he is speaking of. The fact that you just jump to this conclusion that I'm a denialist shows it. I'm nothing of the sort and you seem to be jumping at shadows. Look son I am loath to even offer up this explanation because you frankly don't deserve one, but I was merely admitting that I looked at the Maunder Minimum as the "Little Ice Age". That is specifically centered around 1600-1750ish. But yes, most scientists point to the the Little Ice age as starting around 1350. My bad. I suggest next time you tone down the hostility. You'll have much more interesting conversations that way.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 184

Ugh, then you are the worst kind of clinical depression sufferer. You found an out and you still don't have empathy for the others who haven't. Well bully for you. Do you think you're the only one who busts his/her ass to overcome this? Do you think everyone else is just wallowing in self-pity? I for one have been fighting my whole life. Sometimes I win a battle, sometimes it wins a battle. But the war is perpetual and it sounds just as perpetual for you. We all suffer from the same symptoms but we all react differently to treatment because each and every brain is unique. That's what makes mental disorders so difficult to treat.

"Humans enjoy making themselves helpless."

Bullshit. Some do, others detest feeling helpless. I think this is a mantra you tell yourself to enhance your own self worth. Your long as hell response detailing your triumph over your depression just reinforces this thought. But again, you lack empathy which greatly takes away the laudable accomplishment of escaping depression. They mean nothing because instead of saying "Hey this is the way folks, anyone can do it", you denigrate those who can't muscle their way out of depression like you did. Thus you enhance your own self worth by comparison.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2) 184

Yup, that's usually what people who don't suffer from clinical depression usually say...."GET OVER IT". It's just purely academic isn't it? Because in the real world we can all just "retrain" our thought processes and mentally force our bodies to produce the normal chemical cocktail that will make us happy. You think you have knowledge and it seems so logical to you. "It works for me so why not them?"

But you are correct in some things you said. You can absolutely train your body and mind to correct day to day anxiety and depression. But for most people with clinical depression it's a constant battle. Training the brain and drugs only temporarily correct these problems and so it's a constant struggle to maintain a level of happiness that most people feel day to day.

So please stop talking like you have the answers. You clearly only understand the problem on a superficial level and spreading your poor understanding off as informed opinion only makes it worse for those of us who can't just follow your simple solutions.

Comment Re:the world was supposed to end years ago (Score 4, Insightful) 637

You are right about one thing. Humans are ill equipped to care about the welfare of those beyond their small tribe. But that's why we form governments and appoint leaders. They are supposed to look out for the greater whole.

As for your Climate Change alarmists, I take great exception to that and consider it a great fallacy. It is easier to sow doubt than to convince someone of a fact and that is what deniers have preyed upon. If you don't think we are all going to be fucked as a species in the next 100 years then you sir or madam are part of the problem.

And there is no overstating. The facts are the facts regardless if those facts take 25 years, 100 years, or 200 years to catch up to us. It's going to happen. We are putting BILLIONS of metric tons of a greenhouse gas into the atmosphere every year for damn near a century now. The ONLY way you don't draw the same conclusions that 99% of scientists do is because a) Your basic knowledge of how greenhouse gases work is deficient or b) you clearly have an agenda and purposely adopt an ignorant position.

The reason alarms are raised is because there is a huge lag when it comes to the effects on the atmosphere and the climate. So if we wait until shit is so obviously wrong that even the Koch's admit it then nothing we do will ever reverse the damage.

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