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Comment Re: Too much hype about driverless cars (Score 1) 211

Well, let's establish that there is no AI at the moment. There is software developed by humans that can take in data, analyze that data, and react to that data in a predetermined way. But they cannot act beyond the bounds of their original programming. If there was some relevant data that the developers did not take into account, then the software cannot react to that. Yes, there is progress in this area. But most of the time it is usually just very clever programming. I'm thinking of research like this: http://www.wsj.com/articles/ha...

I'm not saying that autonomous cars don't provide advantages. But these advantages can easily be mitigated in complex systems such as driving on a road full of human drivers or weather. In a closed system? Sure, they can work perfectly. But a closed system will take time and money to establish. My whole point in arguing against autonomous vehicles is to provide a different view point against the wide-eyed enthusiasm I see out there for them. Because humans have a pattern of trusting too much in technology to the detriment of others.

And I would like to see some data on your assertion that "Most people drive by watching the taillights of the car in front of them only".

Comment Re:How about fight back? (Score 1) 177

Contracting isn't for everyone. Matter of fact, I'd say it isn't for most people. The average person will lose out contracting rather than having a full time benefited job. They won't have the proper drive or personality to find and compete for that next contract. They also won't have the know how to properly manage their income and taxes in order to come out ahead in the tax game.

Comment Re:Needs of the Teaching Profession (Score 1) 278

This is so cynical that it hurts and it is obvious that you are someone with almost no knowledge of what teaching entails or what most teachers have to go through in order to do their jobs. You seem to just be following the same conservative talking point that "Unions are bad and thus so are most teachers". And the last time I checked it's EVERYONE's desire to "remain employed with the highest salary and best benefits they can get". Honestly, have you thought through what you are saying?

The best way to get people to excel at their jobs is to treat them with respect, pay them what they deserve, and establish expectations. Unions exist to protect workers in situations where they could be taken advantage of. And when you work a profession that relies on the whims of a political body, you need all the protections you can get.

Comment Re: Did they learn anything?? (Score 1) 278

The needs of the teacher leads to the needs of the student. Not the other way around. This isn't charity work they are doing. If cities paid teachers appropriately and then negotiate the standards (how teachers can be fired or disciplined and what qualifications they require) off of that then there wouldn't be any issues with the unions. But cities and other municipalities always look at teachers salaries as negotiable and expendable which is a shitty way to look at the people educating your children.

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