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Comment: Re:Wow, this generation sucks. (Score 3) 134

by Beriaru (#39619309) Attached to: America's Secret Underground Ice Fortresses
It also says that after getting it running, the necessity of better shielding was discovered. Oh, and do not forget that the reactor discharged its radioactive liquid waste (47,078 gallons in total for 33 months) directly into the icecap. One has to wonder why they discontinued that type of portable reactors *rollseyes*.

Comment: Re:Computers are too reliable (Score 1) 403

by Beriaru (#38096066) Attached to: Why Do Companies Backup So Infrequently?
Because for them, as any other industry with a few decades of history, TI is nothing but a replacement of paper, ink and mail.

Drawings, memos, invoices... all of these were paper 30 years ago, and they got stacked in a warehouse. A fire was a real threat, but what can you do? The original was the original, and a copy of an invoice doesn't have the same valor than the true original (you can see the culture of the original in all its glory in courts, where I've seen a judge ask for the true original email sent to prove the copy wasn't tampered).

Nowadays people still work the same ways. Tradition has a lot of inertia, and doing backups is not part of that tradition.

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