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by Beriaru (#39619309) Attached to: America's Secret Underground Ice Fortresses
It also says that after getting it running, the necessity of better shielding was discovered. Oh, and do not forget that the reactor discharged its radioactive liquid waste (47,078 gallons in total for 33 months) directly into the icecap. One has to wonder why they discontinued that type of portable reactors *rollseyes*.

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by Beriaru (#38096066) Attached to: Why Do Companies Backup So Infrequently?
Because for them, as any other industry with a few decades of history, TI is nothing but a replacement of paper, ink and mail.

Drawings, memos, invoices... all of these were paper 30 years ago, and they got stacked in a warehouse. A fire was a real threat, but what can you do? The original was the original, and a copy of an invoice doesn't have the same valor than the true original (you can see the culture of the original in all its glory in courts, where I've seen a judge ask for the true original email sent to prove the copy wasn't tampered).

Nowadays people still work the same ways. Tradition has a lot of inertia, and doing backups is not part of that tradition.

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by Beriaru (#34650742) Attached to: Spanish Congress Rejects Internet Censorship Law
Yep, they worry about soccer.

You're not spanish, or if you are, you're in denial. Spain had our laws and constitution stomped a week ago and nobody gave a damn. Had our worker rights ripped apart and nobody gave a damn. Our politics are a wealthy elite and the crisis don't touch them, but nobody-give-a-damn!

BUT, if you touch a local soccer team or closes music or video downloads, hell breaks loose.

This is Spain, and that's the reality in Spain.

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by Beriaru (#34650052) Attached to: Spanish Congress Rejects Internet Censorship Law
The citizen awareness was high because the sharing webpages closed showing the notice of the intent of the government of passing the law as a 'petty topic' so it could approve it without public discussion.

That raised protest, a DDoS attack to the web pages of ALL politic groups, a flood of emails and calls to the politics, and so on. That incidents produced some notices in national media that raised more the awareness of the public opinion.

At last, the politic groups was intimidated. The situation in Spain is critical, with a 20% of unemployment and a brutal credit crunch. So a high unpopular law as that could 'spark' some unrest.

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