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Comment: DNS block (Score 2) 82

by Berendho (#46547085) Attached to: The Net Routes Around Censorship In Turkey
He said "I'm going to eradicate Twitter". Then he blocked twitter by changing the DNS on all official Turkey ISPs. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I think that our own leadership has about the same knowledge of the internet. Any under 30 person could have seen the usefulness of their action. It actually increased traffic to twitter, they broke new user records:

+ - Linkedin and redirection attacks->

Submitted by Berendho
Berendho (3085971) writes "Redirect attacks were used by GCHQ to attack belgacom. Besides Linkedin, the site was also used in this attack according to the german news paper spiegel."
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Comment: We will invent new jobs (Score 1) 625

by Berendho (#44851925) Attached to: 45% of U.S. Jobs Vulnerable To Automation
For everyone that thinks we will have so much free time, or so many unemployed people. It may very well be that we will invent new jobs. Don't forget that we have already seen a huge boost in productivity in the last century. However we are not working less, if anything we are working more. Instead of one bread winner, we usually have two these days. For an interesting analyses that everyone who read this article should read, see this link:

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