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Submission + - US states seemingly have more autonomy than Canadian provinces->

Bent Spoke writes: In the latest instalment of the bizarre, "Vancouver has become the first city in Canada to regulate illegal marijuana dispensaries" CTV. To wit, despite a long history of legal tolerance to pot, "Police and prosecution services in all Canadian jurisdictions are capable of pursuing criminal charges for cannabis possession" wikipedia.

It would seem that cases like Marc Emery shed some light on the situation: The US can exert inordinate pressure on foreign government policy.

Disclaimer: I am Canadian, and don't smoke pot. However, I don't want to see my kids saddled with a criminal record for what amounts to out-of-control political lobbying.

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Comment Re:master C++ by reaching C (Score 1) 345

Master C++? What an oxymoron. It is quite difficult to master C, even though it is 1/10 (1/100th) the complexity of C++.

People that are smart enough to master C++ are probably too smart to get sucked into doing lowly programming for a living.

And yes, I have 30+ years of C coding experience, so I guess that makes me a moron.

Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 211

Despite the colourful rhetoric, the point is well taken. How many spoken languages does the average person know? Yet when it comes to programming, we are all supposed to learn a new languages every week. This is one of the rationales behind JSI, a JavaScript Interpreter ( ie. when it comes to web development, you should only ever need to know two languages C and javascript.

Comment Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 1) 734

Aside from all the tax implications, I assume one of the reasons you are considering is that your kids could easily move to the US and work. But I don't know how much of an advantage this is when the median (as opposed to average) income in the US is so low. That along with high health costs implies that most Americans have a pretty low standard of living. It may seem great if you are in the upper 1%, however living with such income disparity is pretty grim.

Comment Re:This is not a mindshare all (Score 1) 319

Javascript is the "English" of the programming world: ie. it is ubiquitous. Like English, javascript is far from perfect. But it has the advantage that if a company takes a given pool of programmers and start a new web project, it will find that most already know javascript. Even if they don't, Web development means they will be forced to learn it (in order to interact with the frontend).

Certainly, some feel there is no problem becoming an expert in many languages/eco-systems: Java, C#, Go, etc. But ultimately learning and mastering a single language (however flawed) is simpler and more manageable for most people. And at the end of the day you will also need to learn javascript.

Moreover, Node JS is not the only javascript alternative. For embedded work there is also JSI (disclosure: my project), which is for using javascript with C. If your interested you can check it out here:

What does this have to do with Java? Nothing. But it goes to reuse. Reuse of skill-sets rather than code.

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Comment A grain of truth (Score 1, Troll) 253

Despite the anit-MS sentiment, there is a grain of truth to the "ALWAYS a hidden trap" sentiment.

Who here doesn't believe that MS has a huge marketing department that essentially holds sway over almost all major announcements and strategies. The untrue part is that there is some sort of evil at work. There's not. It's not personal at all.

However, to the marketing department, all software outside their control is viewed as a potential competitor. And Linux/GNU more than most.

So we can be reasonably certain that any MS direction is not designed to help Linux be more attractive to users.

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