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+ - iphone4/ipad2 US import ban->

Submitted by Bent Spoke
Bent Spoke (972429) writes "The US trade agency has banned the import of older Apple models due to violating a patent held by Samsung. It's getting so complicated, we need a score card to keep track of who's winning these offensive patent battles in the smartphone colosseum."
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Comment: Its simple really (Score 1) 1010

by Bent Spoke (#43419145) Attached to: Windows 8 Killing PC Sales

People use Windows not because they love MS, or because it's great, but rather because it provides a product that is good enough. Not the best, nor the cheapest, but a familiar, relatively convenient, and easily customized product.

Suddenly MS sees Apple/Android eating its lunch. So it reacts by opening an App-Store, pushing the Surface tablet, and changing the OS to make the PC look like a tablet.

The result: Windows is now unfamiliar, inconvenient, and frustratingly inflexible. So people are unimpressed and businesses are saying no. It's like MS is trying to make everyone believe "see, we're really just a tablet now, so you see, you don't really need that Apple/Android after all..."

Give me a break.


+ - Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone->

Submitted by Bent Spoke
Bent Spoke (972429) writes "In a bit of delicous irony, Microsoft laments Google is not playing fair by excluding access to meta-data on youtube, preventing the development of the kind of powerful app readily available on Android.
Microsoft panting on the sidelines of the mobile arena after it laid to waste all competitors on the destktop."

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Comment: good luck (Score 1) 708

by Bent Spoke (#37864474) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GNU/Linux Laptops?

After nearly 19 years of near exclusively using Linux, I'm finally giving up on it. Why?
Chronic and ongoing problems with:

    - Sound
    - Video
    - Wifi
    - Power mgmt (suspend/hibernate/battery life)
    - Hardware support in general
    - Endless application problems (eg. no iTunes)
    - A million applications that only partially work.

And all the distributions seem to be going sideways instead of forward.

Do yourself a favor, just go with Mac or Windows and run Linux in Virtualbox.

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