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Comment Re:This is stupid ... (Score 1) 143

If we don't bother with leap seconds, then the distance that the sun will be off from being directly overhead at the equinox is about the same as it is now from being a couple of hundred miles away from the meridian.

How is that an issue? How does this affect humans on the other side of the Universe that need to have a unit of time defined as a "day"? We should use a unit of time that is useful for humans yet is not tied down to what is happening on Earth.

Comment Re:balance (Score 1) 242

I do about 20 hours of work every week, but I'm at work about 40 hours. I have to interleave a lot of mental breaks between actual work. I many times find myself getting stuck on a problem, coming back to it 10 minutes later, still stuck, so I go talk to someone for an hour, come back, and the problem is obvious. Over time I have gotten better at recognizing how much of a break I need to solve a problem.

Comment Re:Channel Bonding (Score 1) 91

10 1Gb ports is more expensive than 1 10Gb port, but 5Gb ports are slightly cheaper than 1 10Gb port. The bigger issue is getting channel bonding that works at Layer 3/4 and not 2. Many implementation of bonding load balance on destination MAC addresses, and your gateway only has on address, so all WAN traffic uses the same link and does not get distributed.

Comment Re:Shame Australia (Score 1) 91

100Mb is not enough unless you like ping spikes while someone is watching YouTube or Netflix. They like to microburst 1gb/s+. Using some tools, I can see this jitter for tens of milliseconds. Sometimes even into the 100ms time range. Of course your ISP may suck so much that they can't pass these bursts on to you because they have bottlenecks in other areas.

I'm seeing about 75GiB per day and during Blizzcon, about 100GiB both days. Netflix alone is about 3.5GiB/hour, and that's mostly for background noise during the day for my wife. By the time I get home, we're easily into the 20GiB range. Later in the day, we both have Netflix running, many times monitoring Twitch streams. Even more fun is when I'm hunting for a new show to watch. Jumping through a timeline can keep my 100Mb connection saturated for nearly 30 seconds as Netflix or YouTube buffer. Click around the timeline again, another 30sec of saturation. It adds up quickly. YouTube also has this nasty habit of buffering entire 5 minute clips of 1080p@60fps videos. By the time I'm 15 seconds into the video and decide I don't want to watch it, too late, already downloaded the entire thing.

Comment Re:A joke? (Score 1) 91

But we're so close. Intel's x540 dual 10Gb chips on 45nm are about $500 and their new x710 dual 40Gb chips on 28nm are going for about $350 and consume 1/2 the power. 4x faster, 30% cheaper, 50% more efficient. Once Intel frees up some 22nm production for NICs, they'll be cheap, fast, and efficient. Soon(tm)

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 393

I was home schooled in the USA, and there are accredited home schooling programs. They can graduate you. School is mostly a waste of time. I wish I could have just gone strait to college, but I thought college was difficult because of how people talk it all up. Turns out it's easy, just a lot of people seem to have issues with it.

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