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Comment Re:Completely off the mark! (Score 1) 225

Amen to Rise of the Robots, that game had me so pumped off its graphics and sound when I rented it and turned out to be the most unplayable fighter ever.

Some more contenders:

Action 52 (NES): 52 ATROCIOUS games, many of which are buggy to the point of crashing, packed onto 1 $199 cartridge

AD&D Heroes of the Lance (NES): without a doubt the worst RPG ever

Pit Fighter (SNES): challenger for the crap fighter crown currently adorning the head of "Rise"

There are many, many more, all of which are funny. I am a giant connoiseur of bad movies and games, and trust me, this story is just the tip of the iceberg.

Journal Journal: Troll Slaying Roundup 3

I apologize for the time between entries, but as many of you know, CmdrTaco has now all but eliminated trolling on Slashdot - and deserves our thanks for all his hard work! However a recent upsurge in trolling over the last four months has created some changes in the Master Troll Blacklist, and I'll document some of these changes for you now.
  • Fortknox - Beloved by many, Josh Marotti recently announced that he is in fact a
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Journal Journal: Woo. Woo. Finally registered.

So I finally got down to it and registered my Slashdot account, having visited the site since at least 1999. I did it mostly to configure what I see on the front page: filtering topics that don't concern me or are full of zealotry, and of course to get those handy Slashboxes.

I intend to post as soon as the opportunity for an intelligent comment arises. Yay.

Journal Journal: Curbing Slashdot Abuse 1

Like many web based discussion boards, Slashdot has a small vocal minority of abusive and disruptive users. Many of these users spend hours online attempting to harass and provoke normal Slashdot users. CmdrTaco et al have devised a trust referral system which allows users to mark bad accounts and assign them a penalty. This account in particular has a running list of ALL of Slashdot's worst abusive users. You can leverage this account to 'block out' this i

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