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Comment FreeCiv vs Civ4 (Score 2, Interesting) 246

I started playing Civ4 last week for a couple of games -- it runs very well in Wine, incidently -- and I'm wondering how FreeCiv compares. Obviously the graphics aren't there, but after a couple of games that seems less and less important. The gameplay mechanics are what matters, and I think they work very very well in Civ4. And is the AI any good? Wikipedia seems to imply that diplomacy is a bit simple.

Anybody got "in-depth" experience with both games?

Comment Unneccessary Obfuscation (Score 0) 475

Burning the skin of a grapefruit with a laser may be ok, but here are some questions:

1) With the laser burns, it may be possible to cover up blemishes or signs of mold or rot on the skin of a fruit.

2) What happens with apples, potatoes, carrots, pears, and other fruits and vegetables where its good to eat the skin? I don't want some artificial chemical imprinted into the skins that I would normally eat.

I always know a label is there, I know to take it off. For fruits and vegetables with skins that are supposed to removed, the label is not a problem because I peel off the skin.

So this technology does not really solve anything, and it becomes an inconvenience.

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