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Comment I hate the lack of dynamic range (Score 1) 361

I feel that I does not often seek out new music anymore although I do come across new stuff I like from time to time.
However the complete lack of dynamic range usually makes it a short relationship. I have CDs with music from the 40 years ago with more range than new music. (Yes I know cd wasn't around then)
But beware of new remastered versions of old music as they like to butcher that too :(

Comment I am not surpriced (Score 1) 57

I has been about 6-7 years since I was in Turkey. The hotel I was staying at was a regular 3 star hotel. They had a backup generator in the back alley which they seemed to share with the neighbor hotel.
The power would go out once or twice every day, mostly only for half an hour. Sometimes in the middle of the night by noise from the generator and my AC starting again.
When I arrived late at night at the hotel, I noticed that the power distribution boxes were quite hot when you was leaning against them. Also some of the local transformer stations were out in the air directly by the sidewalk, shielded only by a minimal amount of chain link fence.
It seemed like they had some issues with sizing the infrastructure.
But I had a pleasent stay there so no complaints from me.

Comment la la la isn't it ironic (Score 3, Insightful) 40

That you need a cookie so that Facebook can remember that you don't want to be tracked.

Of course that cookie could contain a single non-unique value that states, do not track me.
But of course that Facebook doesn't really care about privacy can't come as a surprise to anyone.

Comment Re:Godaddy are thieving wankers dot com (Score 2) 70

I experienced the same with a Danish DNS company 15 years ago. I came up with a good name and short, never registered before. Filled out the form and paid with credit card, only to have it rejected the next day because it all of the sudden already was registered by the same registrar but to some odd company I could not find any information on.

Comment The same with cars these days (Score 1) 194

I still can replace the brakepads and discs. Change the oil and things like that. But that's about it. Currently I have a problem with the alarm going at random moments if I lock it. And it is impossible to do a proper debugging. I finally found a unofficial source to get the repair manual so I can look at it but I will have by trial and error, bypassing one censor at the time.

When all the electronics starts to break down I fear it will be expensive in man hours.

Comment Re:free-to-pay model (Score 1) 101

I agree, I used to buy 1-3 apps/games pr. month. some for a dollar other a little more and a few more expensive.
Now I stopped playing games on my phone or tablet because I am sick and tired of the virtual coin-up machine that is has become.
I don't mind paying for the games I play, but I refuse keep paying for it.

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