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Comment: This Guy has to be a True A** (Score 2, Interesting) 928

Every time I fly Southwest, their people are energetic and happy. They are probably the best in the business, probably a class unto themselves. This guy however, with what information has been let out, had to be extreme. I'd "luv" to hear what other passengers thought of his behavior!

Comment: GoDaddy Does It Right (Score 1) 277

by njhunter (#47472091) Attached to: Sony Forgets To Pay For Domain, Hilarity Ensues
Any time I have a domain about to expire, GoDaddy is right on top of things with a phone call; Really good follow-up as well. I guess Network Solutions is more akin the government. I'm sure if one renews for ten years, the IT guy that was there at the beginning has moved on and his email address goes no where, except a honeypot.

Comment: Re: What the heck has happened to the West ? (Score 1) 132

by Beltway Prophet (#45568211) Attached to: Indian Mars Probe Successfully Enters Sun-Centric Orbit
Um, so: Curiosity? Multiple orders of magnitude more sophisticated hardware. Not to mention we are still -- simultaneously -- running Opportunity! More competition in space is a good thing for everyone, though, so long as we're not completely redundant in our efforts.

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