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Comment Well I like it....... (Score 1) 60

I upgraded from kubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 last week (an in-place upgrade, not a reinstall), and then immediately added the latest packages from the backports ppa. Everything is working fine for me, no crashes. I realise there are some inconsistencies as not everything is ported to plasma 5 / qt5, and I know some widgets are missing, but overall my experince is positive and I love the breeze dark theme. Anyone who thinks this anywhere near as bad as the kde3 > kde4 transition has a very short memory.........

Comment Re: You're not supposed to ask that (Score 2) 223

You don't need to buy a phone without google's crap on it. You buy an unlocked phone that is well supported on omnirom or cyanogenmod then you walk through the install instructions that are so simple a child could follow them. You don't install gapps, and then you install the f-droid store where you find firefox, k9mail, vlc and various other cool apps. Anything you need that's not on f-droid you sideload. That's what I did on my work-issued galaxy s4. I now have an ultra fast and responsive phone with great battery life. Oh, and startpage as your default search engine...... If you can't be bothered to do all that, then just suck on whatever apple or google feed you.

Comment Re:We echolocate all the time (Score 1) 136

When we walk through traffic and hear cars coming up on us, or know people's position in a room from the direction and magnitude of their voice. It's no surprise that someone lacking an important sense like sight will have much better developed echolocation ability.

That's hardly echo location. That's just stereo hearing. The best example I have of that is when I'm skiing - I process where people skiing behind me are by using 2 ears, so that I don't suddenly turn in front of them. No sound generation or echos required....

Comment Re:It's what you do with it that counts (Score 1) 184

Spies should respect laws and constitutions, at the very least those of their own country. If they don't, everyone - including those who ordered the illegal spying - should be punished severely. We already know this is not happening.

Freedom is far more important than a spy's ability to do whatever they "need" to do.

But now the NSA and GCHQ have positioned themselves as apex predators at the top of the information food chain. They can spy on anyone, but no one is allowed to spy on them. There might be some king of notional "oversight" commitee for window dressing. So who might potentially be able to investigate the security services and hold them to account? That would be journalists and lawyers.....

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