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Comment: Re:Mods on crack (Score 1) 961 961

Safe? I'll say. My employer is looking to expand by hiring another 200+ C/C++ developers over the next 18-24 months. I don't think the language is going any where. That said, managed languages are wonderful for developing UI apps and basic server code because they're faster to develop with and help to prevent memory issues. I personally work a lot with C# and it has made my life easier for the things it's good at. I'm happy to have more tools, because I wouldn't use a hammer to turn a screw even though I suppose I could.

+ - Open (as in readable) Source from Microsoft

Bellum Aeternus writes: According to ars technica, Microsoft has opened the source code to the .NET Framework libraries under a read-only reference license. Developers who want to check out the source code need only upgrade to the newly released Visual Studio 2008 to gain access to it. The article cites a Microsoft blog entry that states that Microsoft tried to address the concerns of some over the potential impact of viewing the source. It has made a small change to the license to specifically call out that the license does not apply to users developing software for a non-Windows platform that has "the same or substantially the same features or functionality" as the .NET Framework.
The Media

+ - Universal to walk out on iTunes?->

Bellum Aeternus writes: "Looks like the Universal Music Group of Vivendi is considering abandoning iTunes and the million of iPod owners that purchase music every year. Universal Music Group of Vivendi is demanding greater control and pricing power before it'll sign a new contract with Jobs and co. Who's more persuasive Steve Jobs or the world's biggest music corporation?"
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Journal: Why are people afraid of 2 official languages? 13 13

There's a move afoot in the US to have English declared the only official language.

The reality in the US is that one out of every two children born is of hispanic descent, and that by 2050, the US will be home to more than 100,000,000 hispanics. They will make up 1/4 of the population, up from 13% now.

Sounds to me like its a good idea to get your kids to learn Spanish.


+ - FFE - modern 3D engine.

Adam Cichocki writes: "I'm finishing my Master's Thesis, and the 3D engine, which is its most important part. I was wondering if the community would like to share their views on the future of 3D engines, features that could be embedded in such engines and possibly some hints to design and implementation. Some examples of my work — the techdemo video of FreeFormEngine, exposing its advanced effects system with seamless indoor/outdoor environment support — which could help start the discussion can be found here."
Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - Startcraft II Announced

Bellum Aeternus writes: From Blizzard's website: "StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.

"Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard will again offer unparalleled online play through Battle.net, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game."

Trailers are available as well.

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