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Comment Re:Think like a soldier in the next war for a mome (Score 1) 267 267

I'm not interested in talking about Iraq. Its a fucking whine at this point. Every thing is about Iraq. US foreign policy is bigger than that and I'm not going to argue everything from the context of Iraq because its like arguing an entire person's life on the context of an hour of their lives.

Its stupid. I'm going to talk about US foreign policy in general and I'm not going to engage the issue from the perspective of Iraq at all. You don't like the Iraq war? I don't care. Its irrelevant.

As to various nations not being happy with the US... the vast majority of that is either unhappiness that we stopped them from raping their neighbors or a mixture of envy/shame at someone being more powerful and a generous dose of ignorance as to how vital that power has been to the global status quo that everyone takes for granted.

I was recently subjected to a lot of vitriol from some fellow that was telling me how EVERYONE hates the US. I went back and forth with him and then I asked him where he was from.

Serbia apparently.

And his bias against the US was based on the belief that the US attacked Serbia for no reason in the Kosovo war and that his people were absolutely not genociding the Albanians. Also the "everyone" that hates the US turned out to be bitter ethnic serbs that didn't like getting their teeth kicked in when they were told to stop being fucking assholes.

Most of the anti US stuff boils down to something like that. And the thing is that the US gets that attitude no matter what we do. We go to war. People say they hate us. We don't go to war... and literally the same people say they hate us because we're not going to war.

So as an American you learn to not take such comments seriously because they're intellectually vacuous, self contradictory, callow, and often as not rooted in some puerile notion of an idea where "no one is powerful and we all get along because we love each other"... Which is really just an admission that whomever says that has no clue about history for foreign policy.

As to the effectiveness of war... I disagree. War is extremely effective. Can politicians fuck it up after the military wins? Sure. Name something politicians can't fuck up? If you undermine the military victory by pulling forces out and abandoning the area after winning then... yeah... your victory isn't going to mean much because you've ceded all won territory by default to any other competing power which is likely to be the inevitable remnant of your enemy.

if the US had dropped the two atomic bombs on imperial japan and then just left... no occupation... no rewriting their constitution... no carefully sculpting their political environment for generations... then they could have just reverted immediately back to the imperial Japanese mindset.

But they didn't because we didn't leave.

Same thing with South Korea...

And your citation of Vietnam or whatever else... you're ignoring that we won the battles and had the ability to dictate the nature of the societies but we ceded that by abandoning the area. Which was a political decision based on domestic political considerations and not a military decision.

Comment Re:Think like a soldier in the next war for a mome (Score 1) 267 267

Then you can get gang raped by whomever wants you to be their gimp.

Any society that won't send its sons and daughters into battle with the best they can provide doesn't deserve to survive. And whatever installs itself as your overlords will be unlikely to make that particular mistake.

Comment Re:Aussie freedoms are inferior (Score 1) 337 337

It starts with the people. In the US, Obama has shown a greater ability to negociate with the Iranians than the Republicans and his rhetoric is more scathing of his domestic political opponents than literal dictators, mass murderers etc.

I dont' say this to single out obama... both sides have this problem. But it shows you how f'ed up the situation is... the sides have begun to actually hate each other. Not just disagree. But hate. We can't remain a unified society if half the country hates the other half.

Some kind of change has to come where we can come together and find a compromise that will last... or at some point we might be looking at another civil war.

Comment Re:Think like a soldier in the next war for a mome (Score 1) 267 267

So if YOU were sent to war, you'd prefer if I gave you inferior weapons? You'd prefer to sit in your fox hole with only a rifle, no artillary support, no close support air bombardment of the enemy, no air recon... you just want your rifle?

The anti war stuff has its place. Employ it to argue against war. But when battle is joined I'm going to ask you to sit down and shut the fuck up because its killing time. And the killing will be as efficient, painless, and merciless as possible. Because THAT is war.

You don't like war? join the club. No one likes war but crazy people. But when war is happening... you want the nastiest, fierciest, most ruthless force you can muster. And you want to lay into your enemy and grind them down to bloody mush.

Where people like you need to be is in working out the diplomacy such that war doesn't happen in the first place. But when it does... the objective to break the enemy. The objective is not to break ourselves.

If your intention is to see more of our soldiers die in a war... then you're the enemy. And in that situation... no offense... I'd blow your brains out and sleep like a baby.

Peace is for peace and war is for war. You need to adapt your mentality to each context.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 312 312

hmmm... how many people would actually own hand grenades if you could buy them? You're making an assumption that a ban is leading to a lack of ownership.

Who is going to buy a hand grenade?

Various survivalist people that are sitting in weird cabins somewhere?
Possibly some rural people f'ing around with explosives?

Who else is going to buy a hand grenade?

So lets go through our list here.

psychos really have lots of options for how to kill people. Some people seem to be under the impression that its hard to kill lots of people. Its really not. Wait for a big movie to come out, get in your car, and plow through that line that goes around the movie theater. I could probably kill a dozen people doing that easy. Off the top of my head... and I could get far more vicious than that if I really put my mind to it.

Survivalist nuts are going to be making explosives themselves anyway out of chemicals that you're not regulating using chemistry manuals off the internet. So your little ploy here fails entirely.

Then rural people playing with explosives... they already do that. They blow up stumps and knock boulders around all the time with legally purchased explosives. Wrap those explosives in old nails and you have a nasty frag grenade.

So I generally disagree with the premise that X is uncommon because it is banned. Often as not, it is uncommon for other reasons.

I mean, we could legalize heroine tomorrow and you think everyone would try heroine? No... Junkies would be all over it but the general public would steer clear for the same reason they do now. It isn't anti drug laws that keeps people from taking drugs. I could be on every drug imaginable if I wanted to. I'm not because I choose not to be on them. The DEA has no role in that.

Comment Re:Which is why you just go PC (Score 1) 39 39

1. explain why gaming on windows is compromised in any way by something MS did in any meaningful way?

2. PC developers are not paid to keep their titles exclusive to a console. The console makers pay the console game makers to keep their games exclusive. There is no parity.

3. No, we actually pay less. You can buy a full blow PC that is better than the consoles for 400 dollars. There are build videos of people doing it all over youtube. Consoles are inferior. And that's okay so long as you know it. But if you don't know it, then you're an ignorant person playing an inferior machine.

4. As to piracy, the PC gaming market has thrived for ages and quite a few PC game devs openly laugh at the console devs that can't get people in the PC world to actually pay for their games. There are a lot of articles where PC devs explain what is going on. You either get it or you don't. And that's fine. Remain a console peasant.

5. As to mods only existing because PC gamers are cheap... You really are an ignorant little monkey. Skyrim without mods is a shitty game. With mods it is pretty f'ing awesome. I pity you.

I also like that you continue to cite that your over paying for games and inability to control your experience is a mark of sophistication. You're basically bragging about the chains around your neck and telling me about how wide your ass hole got spread the last time sony fucked you.

6. PC gamers have never had to pay for servers with the exception of the MMOs. And only the subscription MMOs at that... most PC MMOs are moving to a free model there as well.

We wear no chains. That is why we don't pay. You do. And you're so deluded that you've been taught to love your chains.

The PC ports of all the games you love that have MP... we don't pay for the servers there either. We do not pay for MP.

7. As to interface being right or wrong... this was proven actually when MS put PC Halo players against Xbox Halo players. The console halo players got skull fucked. And you'll note that console MP tends to be segregated from PC MP even if the game is on both platforms. Why is that? Because you silly fucks are meat. The best console first person shooter players would get torn up by average PC first shooter players simply because the interface on the console is garbage for first person shooters.

8. As to you not bragging about the graphics, then play nintendo. Its the only console maker that knows what it is... the PS and the Xbox both sell themselves as cut down PCs. The Nintendo product line knows it is a console and doesn't try to scalp games from the PC market.

Comment Re:Think like a soldier in the next war for a mome (Score 1) 267 267

Its a good point... I'd just say that there are many ways to put pressure on someone. Giving weapons to an allied third party or provoking a neutral party into dealing with regional problems instead of forcing us to shlep all the way over there are some options.

The US is going to increasingly start backing off. The collapse of nuclear containment is going to compel American strategists to start preparing for WW3... which will be nuclear.

And that means distancing ourselves from targets in Eurasia which will be ground zero.

The US doesn't want to suffer the fate of WW1 Great Britain. We're going to get out of the way and let other countries eat it. We have no choice really. They only way to stop this was to maintain containment. We kept that going for as long as we could... but its collapsing and that means WW3 is coming. The only way to win a nuclear war is to not be involved in one. We've got Iran fantasizing about nuking everyone else in the middle east, everyone else in the middle east getting their own nukes, we have Putin authorizing the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine IF his forces run into superior conventional resistance... etc etc etc. Its brewing. And it might not pop for decades but its coming.

Comment Re:Think like a soldier in the next war for a mome (Score 1) 267 267

Since when is the enemy my responsibility as well?

Tell you what, you pay US taxes or fucking behave yourself at the very least as nation and I'll either regard you as someone that my country has to actually worry about or we likewise won't have a reason to show up.

You think we like to go to war? Fucking peasants.

I can't wait until the US starts actually putting out of global affairs. The shocked looks on your stupid faces as you realize the US was actually doing something vital for you the whole time... I'll be giggling at your expense for the rest of my days.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 267 267

I fear it's something ingrained in humanity, so long as we have the capacity to imagine, it seems possible to become deluded in this particular way given the right conditions.

I think it starts with the idea that one knows best usually combined with a ridiculously oversimplified model of how things work.

Comment Re:There's Very Few Things (Score 1) 78 78

Yeah so? Doesn't mean you can't be ALSO predicting a die off. It's not a false dilemma.

Why would I be predicting that? To claim that die-offs are necessary for prosperity is in my view a non sequitur, another sort of fallacy.

China is wealthier and better off than before. Doesn't mean there wasn't a whole lot of dying off on its way here.

Correlation doesn't imply causation. And really, die offs are associated in Chinese history with chaotic periods which don't have prosperity.

Exactly, and I'm saying you have pointed out how there are many people right here on slashdot who show all the signs of walking right into those screw ups, making things a lot worse before they could get better.

That's a lot of vague talk. What are "many people"? What are "screw ups"? And what is "better" versus "lot worse"?

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