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by Belial6 (#47787185) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras
While your description of the situation is correct, it doesn't change the fact that the police, prosecutors and judges are circumventing due process. Frequently threatening people with crimes that they know they did not commit in an attempt to get a confession under duress. The two descriptions of our legal system do not conflict.

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Says the person defending a woman who's career is built on denouncing the evil ways of others, and calling for everyone to follow her righteous ways. Your insult applies to your hero, not me. She is the kind of feminist who would tell a stay at home mother, that she is "Only" a housewife.

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The whole point of the video was to list the things that Lego is doing wrong. Did you not get that? If facial hair were not bad, why would she say that Lego should get rid of it? Lego did not decide that pink was "for girls". People like Anita did. Lego makes pink toys for the same reason that the store who sold Anita her sweater makes pink sweaters. Because that is what people like Anita buy. She is trying to lay the blame for her own behavior at the feet of Lego.

Sure, Lego sees their primary demographic as boys, and that leads to them using boys in ads, but this is the world we live in. She doesn't just ask Lego to start advertising to girls. She doesn't just ask Lego to start making toys that appeal to her view of what girls should want. She wants Lego to stop making toys that boys want because she finds masculinity to be offensive.

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Me: I'm not excusing people who make threats
You: you appear to believe that she and her family deserve to be threatened with rape, torture and execution
I suspect that it isn't a reading comprehension problem, but that you are so on board with "men are evil" that you ignore anything said that doesn't fit your women are victims, men are evil narrative.


Are you seriously trying prove your point with a false dichotomy and then calling me stupid? Really?
How about her call to Lego to remove any facial hair from their characters because showing men with facial hair is bad.
How about her call for companies not to show men playing with their sons because that is bad.
How about her claim that testosterone is bad.

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You haven't watched her videos then. She is very clear that men are bad. Even going so far as to say that men playing with blocks with their son is proof of men being bad. She also decries the evils of razor stubble and testosterone as more evidence of the evil that is man.

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by Belial6 (#47779531) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras
By letting police and prosecutors decide when to enforce the law and when not to, you make them defacto judges. When their decisions carry penalties, they become defacto "executioners" (Yes, I put the word executioners in quotes because they do not actually kill you, but they do enact punishments including jail time and financial costs).

When you have laws the get selectively enforced, innocent people are already getting punished. Worse yet, you are giving a criminal the tool to use that punishment for his own agenda. Selective enforcement means that the law isn't really a law, it is just an excuse to use the color of law to abuse citizens, and lives are already being ruined by stupid laws combined with selective enforcement.

A big reason that we have so many stupid laws is due to selective enforcement.

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I watched one of her videos. It was 13 minutes of man hate. Things like calling out father-son road trips as being bad. Or fathers playing with their sons at all as being bad. Claiming that testosterone is an inherently a negative trait is understandably sexist. She is simply a hate-monger. Dismissing her sexist hate-mongering does not make the parent poster a bigot.

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