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Comment Nothing new... (Score 1) 290

This has been going on for over a decade now.. see http://abednarz.net/wp/1999/07/30/ and the corresponding Slashdot article from 1999 http://games.slashdot.org/story/99/02/19/0827245/Tetris-Under-Fire about my game Bedter (which is still online 12 years after the cease and desist letters were ignored http://abednarz.net/wp/category/software/windows-software/bedter/)

Comment Re:Bragging (Score 1) 535

Sounds like a pretty 'hands off' manager and a bad one who doesn't (1) know on a daily basis what you're currently working on and the rough ETA to having it finished, (2) have ready a prioritised list of tasks to schedule to you or your co-workers. They should promote you immediately and let you take over because you're doing their job.

Comment Re:I will not.... (Score 1) 1080

I've been an opera fan for years and years (before it was completely free, I bought the damn thing!). I really like 9.5, but it has issues with some sites I go to, that 9.27 didn't. The new skin sucks. And WHY oh WHY can't I use an external feed reader when I click the feed icon in the url box? FireFox 2 was a clunky slow browser for me, so I stuck with Opera for the speed. FF3 is just as responsive now, I can get all my Opera features I want with extensions, and I can use an external feed reader. I wanted to stay with Opera, but the usability didn't let me.

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