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Comment: Good luck with that - it's Italy (Score 1) 201 201

The Western European champion for having the largest part of GDP as undeclared "underground" economy.

Only the Greeks and former soviet countries do "better".

This, plus the fact that the Italian economy is not improving, and that the country is bust, will only push this trend.

Comment: Bring out the love dolls! (Score 1) 140 140

Reminds me of a story about how a guy got pulled over by the cops because he was in the HOV lane...with a blow-up doll in the passenger seat!
Wonder how good this new "solution" would be in detecting that?
Also, for privacy concerns, is it illegal to drive wearing, say, a Nixon rubber face mask? That would probably get you pulled by the cops pretty fast.

Comment: Re:People with artificial lenses can already see U (Score 3, Interesting) 137 137

Saw something about this in a BBC documentary about the "Atlantic War" in WW2. Funny, I seem to remember them saying that it was the US navy that came up with the idea, (replacement retina operations being more common in the USA at that time)

Comment: Great until the power plant gets hit (Score 1) 517 517

Yes, there are plenty of examples of ships being suck or disabled by a hit to a magazine.
There are also others of ships being disabled, and then sunk or abandoned, when they lost power.
Finally, there are many, many examples of ships disabled and on fire which continued fighting, sometimes with just one gun left firing.

Comment: You have been Zuned (Score 2) 158 158

Should have been fairly obvious, I would have thought, that the bastard child would be soon abandoned. The coffin lid was pretty-well nailed down from the start due to lack of application support, so it was more like WindowsCE (aka "wince").

Mind you, Google is hardly better - plenty of Android phones & tablets out there with no upgrade path, (yes, often because of the constructors or carriers crapware, I know). Also, don't bother trying to get iOS to run on an iPhone 4s or iPad 2 (I did - devices were virtually unusable).

Comment: Seems a rather weak excuse (Score 1) 63 63

Yes, gathering anonymous data, (good luck with that) can be a very helpful and cheap way of gathering real-time data on traffic flows. However, as anyone who spent some time in Moscow can attest, the traffic is basically in gridlock everywhere most of the time, with the worst pinch points being damn obvious to anyone...

Comment: ..cheaper than almost anywhere else in Mexico (Score 4, Interesting) 104 104

Well, that's not surprising since it's a virtual monopoly controlled by one of the world's richest men; Carlos Slim.

{snip} Telmex, of which 49.1% is owned by Slim and his family, charges among the highest usage fees in the world, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Comment: Parent is NOT insightful (Score 2) 319 319

Rubbish. Whilst I agree that a lot of the recent abuses of power are inexcusable, the job of the security forces is not easy.

Lack of resources mean that they cannot be physically watching every suspect all the time, (probably a good thing, you might say).

So, what do you do with the people who meet your criteria, (and there are many of them). Detain them without trial?

Comment: Re:Russians, help me understand (Score 3, Informative) 412 412

Resident or expats, please try to fill in the blanks.

Is there simply enough anti-homosexual bias in Russian culture, as in much of the USofA, for Putin to make political "points" by picking on them?

Lived and worked there for a while.
Short answer is "yes". Putin flogs the image of the bare-chested "hero" and protector of family "values".
(The reality of course is that he's a botoxed crooked womanizer...)

But note: Most educated middle-class Russians detest Putin and his clique and are pretty nice people on the whole. Unfortunately, they're also mostly very racist and homophobic, (including the women). Of course, the same applies to many other places; India and the South of the USA spring to mind...

Comment: Re:Achilles heel of the cloud apps.... (Score 1) 72 72

Also, often the cost savings are a myth, especially for larger organisations.
I ran the numbers for one of my customers recently - an Exec had suddenly decided that since "everyone" else had Salesforce, they must have it too.
Replacing their existing well-crafted and nicely integrated CRM with SF would have cost a bomb in transition costs, with higher annual maintenance, for LESS functionality.

Needless to say the boss killed that "good idea" pretty quick.

Comment: Sadly, this will probably be popular in Russia. (Score 4, Insightful) 412 412

Which is the point...Putin is an unreconstructed Chekist and will continue to distract his oppressed population with this and other nonsense, plus of course more serious meddling like Ukraine and Syria.
Since the average Russian is typically homophobic, racist, and "patriotic", this is an easy play.
Putin is mired in corruption, has totally failed to deliver on economic & political reforms and re-balancing the economy and the Ruble is tanking in the wake of falling oil prices.

So expect plenty more of this rubbish.

Actually improving road safety would involve "hard" stuff like tackling endemic police and court corruption, drink driving (although the legal limit is theoretically zero), anti-social attitudes and quasi-mafia idiots driving too fast in SUVs equipped with automatic weapons and large lights on the back specifically designed to blind people following them.

Ever wondered why you see so many youtube videos of "funny" things on Russian roads? It's because many people have dashboard cams to support their case with the insurance company when the inevitable accident happens; it really is that bad.

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