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I agree. A more sensible solution would be to mandate that the infringing website be changed to say "the GW1000 product relies on technology stolen from Equustek . To buy the original product, visit Equustek " Make them put up a link to the original product.

Order that the defendants pay for the hosting for 100 years or whatever.

Finally, bar the defendants from working together and/or working on similar technology.

I'm not sure what the judge's problem is though. What you carry out in your brain is yours to keep in Canada.

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In the book, it's not just that Han shoots first.

(Yes, there's a book.)

It's that every single person in the bar except Greedo knew that it was a Bad Idea to let Han get his hands under the table. They even started moving out of the blast zone, smirking.

Han's a tough motherfucker, and Greedo was fucked the moment he signed on for credits. He's a survivor, and the only reason Luke and Obi-Wan lived is because Han is one of the only pilots to enter hyperspace with his shields on. (Costing excess fuel and a minor environmental problem.)

Look at the ambush with Vader at Bespin -- Han doesn't shoot a look at Leia, no one-liners, neither a "you asshole!" to Lando nor a "it's a trap!", he just pulls out his blaster and starts blasting. Every shot is dead center, and it costs Vader something like FOUR force points to survive the attack.

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by Beardo the Bearded (#46737779) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?


I'm an EE. If the grid goes down and I've got carte blanche, I could get some semblance of electricity up and running in under a week. (Which would enable you to plug in your standard appliances.) I could get solar USB chargers working in the same time frame.

First you get the electricity, then you get the... power... uh... then you get the wom... can I start over?

I know how to make beer.

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Deafness used to run in my family.

My cousin is stone deaf. There's a genetic thing on the women's side where sometimes the flap covering the semicircular window in the ear just doesn't fall off. This causes the hairs in the cochlea to atrophy and die, and cause permanent uncurable deafness.

Modern testing and surgery has made this a thing of the past. A quick test as a newborn checks for this via echo and a minor outpatient surgery is all it takes.

Fuck deafness. Sneak up behind it with a marching band and stab it in the neck.

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by Beardo the Bearded (#46589297) Attached to: Gameover Malware Targets Job Seekers

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Are you going to steal my no money? Go right ahead.

It's like... if someone breaks into my house looking for money and valuables, I'll hand out flashlights, turn on the lights, and we'll all look together.

My CC is maxed, my LOC is full, my mortgage is full, and my savings are nil. Nothing like getting laid off just after finishing up a divorce.

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I can report the IMEI number to my provider if I really want to brick it. I have a hunch that a portion of these "mysterious black man stole mah phones!" are people that dropped them and just want to get a new one on their insurance.

I believe that they get stolen, sure, but at least 10% are mishaps.

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And that checkbox is useless because there are perfectly valid reasons why you want to install apps not from Google Play - Amazon App Store, and Humble Bundle, for instance. Legit app stores, but by using them you have to disable one of the most powerful protections Android has.

Don't forget AdBlock. You have to allow every library on earth to install AdBlock for Android.

I don't understand why we have to allow every ppa one at a time to install unverified code on Linux, but for Android the choice is "play in the sandbox" or "everyone on earth is allowed on your phone... er, their phone."

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It's the "I know what I'm doing" area. Once you get to about 100 jumps, 100 dives, then you think you're getting the hang of it and you know what the risks are and that you can mitigate them.

If you live through that 100-200 Dead Man's Area, then you'll realize that you have no idea what's going on and reign it in effectively.

Every successful person has had failures but repeated failure is no guarantee of eventual success.