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Comment: There's no Constitutional right to privacy (Score 1) 610

...At least not an explicit one. I'd argue that this emboldens the government into thinking they can get away with it. The lack of outrage at their actions reinforces this belief. Americans have been sufficiently distracted by the many other calamities generated by their government. Fixing campaign finance and explicitly defining privacy rights would go a long way towards bringing America back from the extreme place it finds itself.

Comment: Japan? (Score 1) 301

by BearRanger (#42620181) Attached to: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Grounded In US and EU

Japan grounded all of its Dreamliners a day earlier than America or the EU, and yet they aren't mentioned in the headline? There are 24 Dreamliners in service in Japan, more than in any other country. You'd think they'd get some credit for having their air safety experts raise the alarm while the US was still "confident in the safety of the aircraft.

Comment: "Eyes Free" (Score 1) 193

by BearRanger (#40552987) Attached to: Credible Reports of a 7.85 Inch iPad Mini Emerge

What if the smaller iPad wasn't intended for end users but for another OEM?

With the announcement of "Eyes Free" and a Siri button for automobiles how great a leap is it to put an iPad in your car too? Instead of those pricey in dash nav screens that all of the auto manufacturers make, what if a few of them designed an in dash dock instead? It could come with a detachable iPad capable of replacing the nav, the entertainment system, and provide a platform for new apps. And you'd be able to take it with you when you parked. Or not--Apple could always make a non-detachable model too, but I don't see that as being quite as useful.

Either way, we'll know if there's a 7 inch model coming or not soon enough.

Comment: Re:What about the people that created it? (Score 1) 692

by BearRanger (#37710686) Attached to: Apple's Siri As Revolutionary As the Mac?

The Siri that exists for the iPhone is not the Siri that existed two years ago. I know, I had the app on my phone. The reason Apple gets the credit is because Apple's deep pockets made the current version possible. Apple saw the potential in the app and bought the company. They then integrated Siri into their existing built in phone apps. The new Siri is much better than the original app. Without Apple's cash that improvement might not have been possible.

Comment: Shades of the Mujahideen (Score 1) 289

by BearRanger (#36419406) Attached to: US Funding Stealth Internets to Circumvent Repressive Regimes

There's no way this can come back to bite America in the ass. No way at all. Just like arming and training the Mujahideen in Afghanistan all those years ago led to those weapons and techniques being used against Americans in recent years, these "stealth internets" can possibly be used against American interests in the future. You can't assume that the people you give these to will be idiots. They'll find a way to use these to set up secure communications channels to use for their own purposes, not just for the purposes America might wish them to be used.

Comment: We are stupid (Score 1) 1070

by BearRanger (#36381326) Attached to: Have We Reached Maximum Sustainable Population Size?

Individually we aren't. But collectively we've shown, time and again, just how stupid we are. And we'll never be able to reach a consensus on a new economic model because of it.

I can't speak for people in other nations (I'm an American) even though I suspect I know how they would react. But I have a pretty good idea of how Americans will behave. Many of them will scream "socialist" and want nothing to do with it. Many others will complain about having to pay for it, even though they themselves are already beyond broke and use more resources than they actually contribute back. Some will never want to relinquish the (illusion of) control they believe they have over the world. We can't reach a consensus amongst ourselves, let alone with people who have different political philosophies. In other words, good luck getting us to agree with the Chinese or the Russians.

If there's going to be an intelligent solution found it will have to be found by the people with the rapidly growing populations. The future really is up to the Chinese, Indians and Africans. Don't blow it guys.

Of course it's just as likely some pointless war will greatly reduce the population pressure before the century is out...

Comment: Human alchemy (Score 2) 279

by BearRanger (#36376600) Attached to: Apple Plans New Spaceship-like Campus

That's no building. I see through your nefarious plan, Jobs. You're building a giant transmutation circle. You'll fill it with 13,000 souls, perform horrifying experiments on them, and then sacrifice them all in order to create a Philosopher's Stone for yourself. You've pushed the boundaries of medical science and human alchemy is all that's left to you now...

Come on, people. Of course I'm not serious. Or am I...?

Comment: Maybe not there... (Score 1) 193

by BearRanger (#36146948) Attached to: Tunnel Boring Machine Completes Hole Under Niagara Falls

But other tunnel boring projects do anticipate this sort of thing. I'll point to the city of Seattle and Washington state, which plan to replace an elevated freeway with a deep bore tunnel. Not through solid rock, but through glacial till material that is the equivalent of mixed dirt and gravel. Apparently the tunnel engineers don't think it will be a big problem to drill through it. (It will be hard on the drills themselves, but they can do it.) I think they're more concerned about the tunnel collapsing afterwards. Which was likely the concern at Niagara Falls too had they gone through something other than solid rock..

Comment: Hammer the vendors (Score 2) 336

by BearRanger (#36005066) Attached to: NVIDIA Gets Away With Bait-and-Switch

My Macbook Pro had one of the offending NVIDIA chips. When it failed out of warranty Apple simply replaced it. They didn't send me to NVIDIA for a solution. I assume they hammered NVIDIA to get their money back for the replacement part. The OEM computer manufacturers are always going to have more leverage with their suppliers than you or I will. Responsible vendors should shield the end user from this sort of pettiness and finger pointing. After all, you didn't buy your laptop from NVIDIA...

Comment: Re:This is why Apple is a dangerous company.. (Score 2) 292

by BearRanger (#35900926) Attached to: 50% of Apple's Revenue Comes From the iPhone

I, too, have been conditioned to believe 7 impossible things before breakfast.

This is the problem with the stock market. Its fear driven. I *could* be afraid that Windows Phone or Android might make a big dent in iPhone market share. Or I can invest with confidence and wait for actual signs that this is actually taking place. Never mind the fact that 50% of Apple's profits come from products other than the iPhone...

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